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student testimonials

What our students are saying:

The Retail Management program gave me in-depth knowledge about the retail industry and a wide understanding of all of the components involved, such as supply chain, buying, retail strategy, HR, product development, branding and marketing.

Jennifer Goliss
Retail Management Graduate
Class of 2009
Buyer, Bluenotes

The program is strongly supported by the retail Industry and thanks to collaborations, such as guest speakers and the internship program, I was able to get a well-rounded perspective of the retail business.

Jennifer Hileman
Retail Management Graduate
Class of 2011
Assistant Marketing Manager, social media and community management at Walmart Canada

The Health Services Management program provides a strong and attractive platform for the degree. The calibre of the programs offered by the Ted Rogers School of Management is a compliment to the Health Services Management degree. There is a level of professionalism and prestige associated with the school that match the Health Services Management degree very nicely.

Jennifer Fisher
Health Services Management Graduate
Class of 2013

Ryerson is a friendly, engaging, welcoming environment and offers excellent learning. They also have a Career Centre and Alumni groups that continue to assist you during your transition into the working world.

I enjoyed my time at Ryerson and with the HRSA so much that I also Chair the Ryerson HR Alumni Association so that I can give back and stay involved with the Ryerson and HR community.

Jillian McKinley
Business Management Graduate
Human Resources major
Class of 2007

The skills and experience I gained at the Ted Rogers School of Management have provided me with the tools to be able to adapt, learn, and perform at a high level in the work I am engaged in.

The hardest part of being involved is remembering that you are still there to learn and achieve a thorough academic grasp of the subject in the courses you are in. Keep your doors open by excelling in student life and in the classroom.

Graduation was not an end - rather, it was the beginning of a story that one chooses to write.

Taras Koulik
Business Management Graduate
Entrepreneurship major/Finance minor
Class of 2008

Part of my decision [when I was deciding where to get my MBA] was job availability in the city and how many students get jobs. When I read the profile of Ryerson University, I saw lots of employment, and Ryerson is near Bay Street, which is like the Wall Street of Toronto

Adedoyin Adesemowo
MBA Graduate
Specialization: Information Technology
Class of 2010

My role [as project manager and telemedicine coordinator, Ontario Osteoporosis Strategy at Women’s College Hospital] calls upon budget management, program planning and evaluation and collaboration and teamwork on a continual basis. I gained knowledge and skills in these areas through the Health Services Management courses and continue to use resources from course materials in my work.

Arlene Silverstein
Health Services Management Graduate
Class of 2006

I’d say that Ryerson is the school to be at for people who want to succeed in life. Many of the faculties are world-class and Ryerson just keeps getting better all the time.

Patti Pokorchak
Business Diploma
Computing major
Class of 1974

Being the only university level retail management program in Canada we have a lot of support from the industry through scholarships, internships, business tours and guest speakers. The industry focused learning gave me a competitive advantage with the skill set and experience I gained going into the workforce.

The combination of concepts learned from professors, real life experience in class and the practical application and development of leadership skills through my volunteer roles helped me develop and prepare me to be competitive in the market.

Andrew Gomes
Retail Management Graduate
Class of 2010

I found that a lot of the curriculum was project-based. There are things you don’t necessarily see as part of the curriculum that make a massive difference once you get to the real world. There’s an art to the politics of the real world, and I think working in that group environment, we got a chance to learn a lot of that.

Imran Syed
Business Management Graduate
Marketing major
Class of 2009