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Direct Entry 

Direct Entry: Graduates of a three-year Business diploma from an Ontario College of Applied Arts and Technology (CAAT).

Mandatory Direct Entry Orientation

Wednesday, August 6th, 2014

6:00 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.

Room (7th floor): TRS 1-067

Click here for Powerpoint Presentation Slides 


In addition to the Academic Orientation, if you are having difficulty with using RAMSS, the on-line enrollment system at Ryerson, you are welcome to attend a RAMSS information session led by Student Services in TRSM prior to the Academic Orientation from 1:00 to 4:00 and 4:00 to 5:45pm.

The Wednesday sessions have been set aside specifically for direct entry students. To register, please click here.

Welcome to the Bachelor of Commerce Degree offered by the Ted Rogers School of Business Management! You have received Direct Entry (advanced standing) into the third year of our program. This means that you have already declared a Major/Plan to complete your degree. You may be able to change your Major at a later date as per instructions below. (The term ‘Major’ is referred to as ‘Plan’ when using Ryerson’s online system.)

As outlined in your Offer of Admission, there will be a “Reachback” requirement for your degree completion. Reachback courses are additional courses which you are required to complete as determined by your respective Major/Plan department. In effect, this means that you will be required to complete the Bachelor of Commerce curriculum for semesters 5,6,7 and 8 as specified in the undergraduate calendars for your chosen Major/Plan. PLUS all Reachback courses listed here. A Reachback course typically comes from year two (i.e. semesters 3 or 4).

Your total number of required one-semester courses will equal twenty courses (i.e.semesters 5 through 8), PLUS the number of Reachback courses required, LESS any transfer credits that you might be granted. The maximum number of transfer credits allowed is equal to the total number of Reachback courses assigned. Therefore, no Direct Entry/Degree Completion student will take less than twenty one- semester courses to complete the degree.

Ryerson's residency policy states that a student must complete 50% of the program's curriculum from courses taken at Ryerson.

**Please note that a part-time direct entry student is restricted to three courses maximum per semester, where a full-time direct entry student is restricted to a maximum of seven courses per semester, although a course load of this amount is not recommended. This is the primary difference between a part-time and full-time direct entry student.


  Click here to review the Reachback courses for each Major      

You will note that each Major curriculum consists of three categories of courses:

1) Required and Professional courses

These are core courses related to your Major offered by your department. They are primarily required but there may be some limited choice.

2) Professionally-Related courses

These are business courses that are complimentary to your Major. They give you an opportunity to expand the breadth of your program. They are made up from the other business courses not offerred by your own department and do not have the same course prefix as your Major core. (e.g. An Accounting Major student cannot select a course with the prefix ACC as a professionally-related course.) The extensive list of eligible courses is referred to as the Business Managemet Professionally-Related Table in the Bachelor of Commerce Undergraduate Calendar. It is from this long list that students typically build a business-related Minor if they wish. (See section on Minors below.)

3) Upper Level Liberal Studies courses

These are courses typically offerred by the Facuty of Arts. Direct Entry students are required to complete three Upper-Level Liberal Studies courses. Transfer credits are not granted for any Upper Level Liberal Studies courses. You will recognize an Upper Level Liberal Studies course in the Calendar course description by the indicator (UL) at the end of the description.


For specific information regarding TRSBM's eight majors please click here.



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