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A first for Ted Rogers School of Management: professor named Massey College Visiting Scholar


Professor Webb’s research to focus on law and corporate social responsibility 

Professor Kernaghan Webb has been appointed as a visiting scholar at Massey College in the University of Toronto for the 2015/16 year – the first professor at Ted Rogers School of Management to receive such a distinction.

“This is a tremendous accomplishment for Kernaghan and is well-deserved,” said Steven Murphy, dean, Ted Rogers School of Management. “His tireless research and related efforts to establish practical international standards in corporate social responsibility are helping to create meaningful benchmarks to guide corporations and stakeholders meaningfully toward sustainability goals.”

“It’s a tremendous honour to be recognized by such a prestigious institution as Massey College,” said Webb, an associate professor with the Faculty’s Department of Law and Business and the director of the Ryerson University Institute for the Study of Corporate Social Responsibility at Ted Rogers School of Management. “Universities are about knowledge sharing and Massey College is providing me with a superb opportunity to share and learn from the greater college community at U of T.”

Over the coming year, Webb’s primary research focus will be on the intersection of law and corporate social responsibility (CSR) – an area that is becoming increasingly important to businesses. For example, says Webb, a company that fails to keep its social and environmental commitments to its communities, workers and consumers can face lawsuits, online negative campaigns and more.  

“I can name half a dozen Canadian firms currently involved in major litigation on CSR issues—we need to better understand how the dots connect between law and corporate social responsibility.”

A prolific researcher, Webb has published extensively on issues associated with innovative regulatory approaches to address environmental, social and economic impacts of business.  His research has been quoted by the Supreme Court of Canada and has been widely published in business and law academic journals as well as book chapters. He is a frequent media commentator on law and corporate social responsibility issues. Webb has also been appointed special advisor to the United Nations Global Compact on the ISO 26000 social responsibility standard, and is the co-chair of the Centre for Excellence in CSR established by the federal government.

Along with Webb, Professor Christina Catallo, Daphne Cockwell School of Nursing, has been named as a visiting scholar and RTA School of Media Professor Michael Coutanche has been named Massey Fellow this academic year.

The Massey Fellowship is the result of a partnership between Ryerson University and Massey College at the University of Toronto, which enables faculty at both universities to collaborate on research and benefit from each other’s academic knowledge.