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Attention TRSM students!

The Course Selection Opens

Need a class for graduation? Want to enroll in a popular liberal course? Require a class for your major? Select now before it’s too late! The course selection opens from Sept 22 - 28, 2015

No More Deferral Fees!
Undergraduate tuition fees will be billed on a per term basis

Open Soon

Please go to and click on the RAMSS tab.

If you haven’t done it yet

Allows you to submit course intentions to the upper levels of your program

Declare Now

If you are not able to select your major on RAMSS, you can fill out the Plan Change Form, drop it in the mailbox that has the major of your choosing written on the mailbox door in room TRS 1-002.

Interested in declaring Accounting or Finance?

You MUST declare your major by Sept 2015. If you are a first year student (Full & Part Time, admitted in Fall 2013), you can ONLY complete an Accounting or Finance minor.

For Business Management Students ONLY.
Go to step 3
if you are not.


You must click 'FINISH ENROLLING' to process your course selections. Otherwise no timetable will populate and you will NOT be put into any of the classes

Ensure you empty your cart at the end

Begin to Select

Experience issues submitting your course selections?
visit your program office

Unsure which classes to take?

For full time students
Run an advisement report

For part time students
Drop off your completed Manual Advisement Report Request at curriculum advising at POD-355, If you have any other questions, please find your Department Administrator