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Custom Programs

Working directly with our clients, the Ted Rogers School of Management designs highly customized learning solutions for organizations that want to lead and thrive in the fast-changing global marketplace. A cornerstone attribute of all of our programs is the importance of diversity of thought and collaboration.

From disruptive innovation to accelerated leadership, our programs feature our award-winning faculty and industry experts and are delivered in a blended experiential format that combines thought leadership with managerial practice.

Our customizable programs are not off-the-shelf training sessions, but rather highly customized solutions for businesses looking to tackle future growth challenges or take advantage of emerging opportunities.


Samples of custom programs

A speaker at a podium speaking to a small room of people
  1. Strategic Management
  2. Design Thinking
  3. Enhancing Strategic Innovation
  4. Creative Thinking
  5. Innovate Like a Start-Up
  6. Customer Journey Mapping
  7. Creating a Culture of Intrapreneurship
  1. Developing the Strategic Leadership Mindset
  2. Leadership Development
  3. Negotiations and Persuasion
  4. A Critical Thinking Approach to Ethical Leadership
  5. Corporate Governance
  6. Managing in Complex Environments
  7. Developing High Performing Collaborative Teams
  8. Effectively Managing Change
  1. Decision Making
  2. Business Analytics
  3. Digital Disruption
  4. Big Data: Planning & Investment
  1. Product Management Essentials
  2. Retail Space Management
  3. Financial Literacy
  4. Multi-Sensory Marketing
  5. Project Management
  6. Service Design
  7. Global Management & Outsourcing
  8. B2B sales Management
  9. Change Management 



Our Customization Journey

We feel that the best place to start is by having a conversation. Together, we will define your goals, set targets and build a learning program that is unique and highly customized. We will conduct a thorough needs assessment to understand your core business challenges and identify opportunities of your organization. 

By working collaboratively, the final product is a training program that not only meets the impeccable standards of TRSM, but helps our clients to lead and thrive in their respective industries. With routine monitoring and feedback assessment, we are responsive to the needs of our clients and are able to pivot efficiently, ensuring that participants and their respective organizations achieve the desired results.


Contact Us

Alice Longhurst

Director, Executive & Corporate Education
416 979 5000 ext. 5287

Phillip Gingras

Manager, Executive & Corporate Education
416-979-5000 X 3883