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We are proud to showcase the award-winning faculty and leading-edge research from the Ted Rogers School of Management. Our executive education faculty and industry experts design and deliver programs that combine academic thought leadership with managerial practice. Our faculty have real world experience through work, research, consulting, executive development and personal business interests.

Applied and Inter-Disciplinary Research

The Ted Rogers School of Management is committed to fostering relevant,
inter-disciplinary research that expands and disseminates management knowledge.
There are 12 research centres and institutes where faculty members partner with Ryerson University departments and other Canadian and international universities to produce research on critical issues that will improve society and the economy. Current research includes consumer behaviour, leadership and ethical business practices, international business, entrepreneurship, information technology management, privacy and cybercrime, corporate social responsibility, the voluntary sector, diversity, tourism and technology, inclusive media and design, supply chain management,
learning technology and management education.

The Institute for the Study of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

The Institute for the Study of Corporate Social Responsibility advances research in the area of corporate social responsibility, recognizing that increasingly, these types of issues are drivers for change in the business community. The institute promotes itself, the Ted Rogers School of Management and Ryerson University as a centre for excellence in research and peer-reviewed publications on CSR issues. It also improves understanding of these issues, increases research productivity at the Ted Rogers School of Management, and develops practical solutions.

Diversity Institute (DI)

The Diversity Institute undertakes research on diversity in the workplace to improve practices in organizations. The DI works with organizations to develop customized strategies, programming and resources to promote new, interdisciplinary knowledge and practice about diversity with respect to gender, race/ethnicity, Aboriginal peoples, abilities and sexual orientation. 

The Entrepreneurship Research Insitute (ERI)

The Entrepreneurship Research Institute (ERI) investigates the role of entrepreneurs in modern economies. In particular, the ERI focuses on addressing the fundamental research questions of the entrepreneurship field: where entrepreneurial opportunities come from, why some firms and individuals choose to exploit them, and how these efforts can be made more successful.

The Institute for Innovation and Technology Management (IITM)

The Institute for Innovation and Technology Management (IITM) concentrates on research and innovation that assists firms in maintaining agility and competitiveness. Research focuses on information technology management and organizational learning, developing organizational dynamic design capabilities, and information technologies for economic growth.

Centre for Labour Management Relations (CLMR)

The Centre for Labour Management Relations (CLMR) promotes collaborative, ethical, proactive and sustainable best-practice labour management relations through sponsoring ground-breaking academic research, and transferring knowledge to receptor communities.

The Inclusive Media and Design Centre

The Inclusive Media and Design Centre designs, creates and evaluates inclusive media and technology. Projects focus on inclusivity in technologies for the blind, low-vision, deaf and hard-of-hearing. The centre’s efforts are directed towards evaluating the existing conditions of production and reception of media to create solutions for access and enjoyment of the media by all.

Privacy and Cyber Crime Institute (PCCI)

The Privacy and Cyber Crime Institute (PCCI) explores privacy and cybercrime issues, emphasizing their implications for public and private sector management, in terms of legal rights, setting government policy, corporate organization and technology. The PCCI focuses on issues such as best practices, risk management, workplace surveillance, biometrics, monitoring, identity theft, security breaches and online social networks.

Ted Rogers Leadership Centre (TRLC)

Ted Rogers Leadership Centre develops the core competencies that leaders need to excel in the organizations of today and tomorrow. The TRLC’s programs combine academic and practical approaches to leadership, giving students opportunities to learn how to become tomorrow’s leaders. The TRLC also provides alumni and business executives from different sectors with a forum to better understand the challenges and opportunities they face as leaders. The Jim Pattison Ethical Leadership Education and Research Program also runs out of the TRLC, and is overseen by director Chris MacDonald. The program prepares students for the Canadian marketplace by providing them with an enhanced understanding of the values, attitudes and practices of ethical behaviour and leadership.

Institute for Tourism and Hospitality Research

The Institute for Tourism and Hospitality Research connects with industry experts to move beyond education and skill-focused training. The institute works with industry partners such as Tourism Toronto, Fairmont Hotels and Resorts, Colliers International and Ontario Culinary Tourism Alliance, to conduct applied research projects that provide students with opportunities to learn, grow and address industry issues.

The Centre for Voluntary Sector Studies (CVSS)

The Centre for Voluntary Sector Studies (CVSS) is a multi-disciplinary team of researchers, educators and practitioners dedicated to gaining and promoting a better understanding of Canadian civil society. Research and education focuses on non-profit organizations and their contribution to society; governance and structure; human and social capital, including managing staff and volunteers; financial management, including fundraising and commercial ventures; the relationship with government and the business sector, including community service programs; and corporate social responsibility.

The Canada-China Institute for Business & Development (CCIBD)

The Canada-China Institute for Business & Development (CCIBD) builds and advances the understanding of China through research, innovative educational and training programs, and influential public events. The institute serves as a centre of excellence for education and knowledge dissemination of China, past and present day, to Canadian business, academics, policy makers, governments and other stakeholders looking to do business with China and/or to partner with Chinese Organizations.

The Centre for the Study of Commercial Activity (CSCA)

The Centre for the Study of Commercial Activity (CSCA) studies location-based trends in the consumer service sector, and collects and reports on a broad array of location data sets. The centre facilitates discussions of emerging industry issues and the exchange of ideas while promoting research, innovation, education and debate.

The CSCA focuses on information and analysis that enables Canada’s commercial and retail industries to become more innovative and improve their competitive economic performance.