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What is it?

The Practicum is the culmination of the coursework in the Health Services Management and Health Information Management programs, and it provides the opportunity to apply management theory and concepts in a working environment. It is the student’s final research project and consists of two courses: the Practicum and the Practicum Seminar.

The Practicum involves a pre-arranged number of hours, per week, on-site at the Practicum centre, the healthcare setting where the student will get on-the-job experience. Students are assigned a faculty advisor, and on-site supervision is provided by experienced professionals. Students must complete one half day per week or one full day every other week on site obtaining hands-on experience. They are required to keep an attendance log of their hours.

The Practicum Seminar comprises of three weekends in the fall or winter terms, in which students present their Practicum projects to their instructors and fellow classmates. The final weekend consists of formal presentations by each student that are open to the public and fellow students. Many students also invite their on-site supervisors and others from their Practicum site, as well as colleagues and family.

The Practicum Seminar (HSM 418 or HIM 406) is a graded course, and includes the following deliverables: the rationale for the practicum, the practicum contract, the practicum timeline, and the practicum proposal and the final report.

The Practicum (HSM 419 or HIM 407) is a pass/fail course and the grade is determined by the Director, based upon consultation with the faculty advisor and the on-site supervisor.

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Practicum: What is it?

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Flexible Schedule

Students in the Health Services Management and Health Information Management programs have the option of taking courses online, in the evening or on weekends. They can also mix the various modes of study.