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Daniel Guttentag

Guttentag, Daniel


Assistant Professor




TRS 3-062


(416) 979-5041

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Dr. Daniel Guttentag

Daniel Guttentag is an Assistant Professor at the Ted Rogers School of Hospitality and Tourism Management.

Daniel’s current research focuses primarily on Airbnb and the broader peer-to-peer tourism accommodation sector. In particular, he is interested in questions related to Airbnb consumer behaviour and policy. Daniel is also more generally interested in innovation (especially disruptive innovation and the diffusion of innovations), virtual reality, market segmentation, casino gambling, and volunteer tourism.

Daniel’s work has been published in a variety of tourism journals and books.  He has also received numerous prestigious awards, including a Joseph-Armand Bombardier Canada Graduate Scholarship from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council.

Daniel holds a Ph.D. in Recreation and Leisure Studies from the University of Waterloo, and a Master’s degree in Tourism Policy and Planning from the same university. He also previously worked as the Tourism Business Analyst for Tourism Toronto, and has professional experience in online marketing. 


Hospitality and Tourism Management

Research Interests


Sharing economy

Disruptive innovation

Virtual reality


Volunteer tourism

Select Research and Professional Contributions

Guttentag, D. (2015). Airbnb: Disruptive innovation and the rise of an informal tourism   accommodation sector. Current Issues in Tourism, 18(12), 1192-1217.

Guttentag, D. (2012). Volunteer tourism has gone commercial: The reasons and the implications. Tourism Recreation Research, 37(3), 273-275.

Guttentag, D., Harrigan, K., & Smith, S. (2012). Gambling by Ontario casino employees: Gambling behaviours, problem gambling and impacts of the employment. International  Gambling Studies, 12(1), 5-22.

Guttentag, D. (2011). Volunteer tourism: As good as it seems?. Tourism Recreation Research, 36(1), 69-74.

Guttentag, D. (2010). Virtual reality: Applications and implications for tourism. Tourism  Management, 31(5), 637-651.

Guttentag, D., & Havitz, M. E. (2010). Superstition as a personal moderator in the development of commitment and loyalty to and within casinos. Leisure/Loisir, 34(1), 1-      25.

Guttentag, D. (2009). The legal protection of indigenous souvenir products. Tourism Recreation  Research, 34(1), 23-34.

Guttentag, D. (2009). The possible negative impacts of volunteer tourism. International Journal of Tourism Research, 11(6), 537-551.




HTM 302, Marketing Principles

HTT 303, Travel Product Distribution

HTM 604, Hospitality and Tourism Sales

HTT 622, Destination Management and Marketing 



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