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Media Centre for TRSM Community

Interested in working with the press but are unsure where to start? TRSM Marketing and Communications offers a "one-stop shopping" service for faculty, staff and students who are either new to speaking to reporters, or have experience but would like a refresher.

Our office offers both group and individual customized media training workshops led by a seasoned media relations professional, tip sheets on preparing for media interviews, advice on how to write and pitch opinion editorial pieces and how to leverage social media tools to communicate to your audiences.

Our online experts guide offers over 250 faculty experts available to comment on developing stories to the press. You can add your expertise by submitting an online form.

Benefits of working with the press

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      Upcoming Media Training Workshops

      TRSM Marketing and Communications offers regular media training sessions throughout the year. The two-hour group session will give you useful tips on giving success interviews with the press.

      Please contact Suelan Toye, TRSM Media Relations, to book a session.


      Suelan Toye

      Media Relations Officer
      Ted Rogers School of Management
      (416) 979-5000 x 3608