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Ben Canning Named 2016 Student Entrepreneur Provincial Champion

Ben Canning

Ben Canning, Entrepreneurship and Strategy student at the Ted Rogers School of Business Management, has been named Enactus Canada’s 2016 Student Entrepreneur Provincial Champion for Ontario.

Provincial Champions coast to coast were named by Enactus Canada, the country’s largest student leadership development organization, and proud program supporter the John Dobson Foundation, as part of the Student Entrepreneur National Competition.

Canning received the title of Student Entrepreneur Provincial Champion because he created a business to tackle the incredibly complex issues of a growing population, food transportation costs and the increasing need for farmland.

Farmium is a company dedicated to providing a solution for building and maintaining automated green roofs (the roof of a building covered with vegetation to absorb rainwater, provide insulation or create a habitat for wildlife), using a machine learning algorithm and wireless nodes. They offer design, installation and maintenance for both residential and commercial buildings.

With the government of Ontario mandating that every large new building must have a green roof, we are addressing a real problem with our product,” said Canning. “We are creating a movement around encouraging local food production, reducing food miles and educating youth about horticultural practices and fresh food needs.”

Canning will showcase both his business and personal accomplishments as an entrepreneur at the Enactus Canada Regional Exposition – Central Canada in Mississauga, Ontario, on March 11, where he will compete for the title of Student Entrepreneur Regional Champion.

“Through innovative solutions, Ben is tapping into the growing urban farming industry,” said Enactus Canada president Nicole Almond. “His entrepreneurial approach to solving a social and environmental issue facing cities around the world is exactly the kind of entrepreneurial spirit we showcase through the Student Entrepreneur National Competition.”

Canning will compete against three additional Student Entrepreneur Provincial Champions from Central Canada for the regional title and the chance to move on to the 2016 Enactus Canada National Exposition in Toronto, taking place May 2 to 4. The National Champion will receive a $10,000 cash prize and take home the John Dobson Cup.

Ben Canning is also Co-Project Manager of Enactus Ryerson's Growing North Project.

To learn more about the work of Enactus Ryerson, visit their website.

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