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Focus on cyber security


When the WannaCry ransomware attack struck across the globe, an anxious public was looking for answers, and in Canada, the expert with valued experience and insight was Ted Rogers School of Management’s Professor Atefeh Mashatan.

Cyberattacks are part of the news cycle every day and affect virtually every business sector, the government and the public at large. Professor Mashatan was sought out by media to offer her insights to explain what the WannaCry ransomware attack was and how both individuals and businesses can protect themselves.

News highlights:

  •  ‘We were lucky’: massive extortion attack could have affected Canada (Canadian Press)
  •  Experts cite security gaps as ‘WannaCry’ attacks abate (Globe and
  • Companies see cyber threat, but security spending tight (National Post)
  • Oshawa hospital among thousands of global ‘ransomware cyberattack victims (CBC News)

Not only are TRSM faculty members, such as Professor Mashatan, offering their expertise to the press and public on cyber threats, they are also teaching professionals to be the next generation’s leaders in information and data security. To that end, Ted Rogers School of Management offers a Professional Master’s Diploma in Enterprise Information Security, Privacy and Data Protection. Taught by both professors at TRSM and Ryerson University’s Department of Computer Science, the part-time graduate program provides students the fundamentals in the operation and control of information security, security and privacy management. Students will also learn how to anticipate online risks and develop processes to effectively manage issues as they arise.

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