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Taking a Global Management Studies Degree and More to the United Nations

By Shane MacInnis

Rochelle Atizado

Rochelle Atizado (Global Management Studies, 2011) works as a consultant for the United Nations

Of all the international organizations with global influence, perhaps no other institution has quite as much reach as the United Nations (UN).

Which is why it is a perfect fit for Rochelle Atizado, a Global Management Studies graduate (2011), who now works as a consultant for the intergovernmental organization, where she contributes to one of its flagship publications as a writer. She began working for the UN in 2014 as an intern at the New York and Geneva headquarters, and was later hired on as a consultant.

Atizado says her consulting role takes advantage of what she learned at TRSM, where courses like Global Management Strategy (GMS 850) strengthened her strategic and analytic thinking skills – skills that have been essential to her work at the UN. 

“Pursuing the Global Management Studies program was my first real step in developing a global perspective and cross-cultural competencies,” says Atizado. “It set up a strong foundation for me to later earn my Master of Public and International Affairs, which eventually led to my work at the UN. Yes, pursuing a BComm implies you are studying business but what you do with your degree is what really counts. I wanted—and still want—a career that goes beyond solely making a profit. I want to contribute to positive social change too.”

Atizado says that while the Global Management Studies degree may not offer as straightforward a career path as a professionally designated program like Accounting, it offered opportunities to expand her horizons and find her own way to her current career. “Switching to GMS from Finance was, by far, one of the best decisions I made during my undergrad. I thoroughly enjoyed my learning experience, made the best of my studies and heavy extracurricular involvement, and knew that I would eventually find the right career with this background.”

Atizado also credits Understanding International Relations (HST 500, with Professor Arne Kislenko), a course she says was one of the most difficult during her four years at TRSM, but one where the lessons “really stay with you, far beyond the four months of coursework.”

Knowing she was seeking an internationally focused career in the long run, she also added French language courses to her workload and eventually completed a Certificate in Proficiency in French from Ryerson’s G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education.

The result of her dedication and hard work has been the ongoing consultancy roles with the United Nations, and a new role as Consultant at Lough Barnes Consulting Group (LBCG), a management consulting firm that provides services to public and not-for-profit organizations including health, children’s services and education.

Atizado’s advice to current TRSM students who are trying to decide on their major is to pursue the program that best suits your interests and future goals: “Knowing what you enjoy and what you do well in, and doing that as a career will take you far.”

Do you have an interest in the global business environment? Visit our website to learn more about the Global Management Studies program.

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