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Contract Lecturer Postings

Contract Lecturer postings at the Ted Rogers School of Management are posted by semester. (See information on right hand side of this page for more information about posting dates.) Postings are available on Ryerson’s recruiting site. 

Contract Lecturer Positions are available for the following Schools

School of Accounting and Finance
School of Health Services Management
School of Hospitality and Tourism Management
School of Information Technology Management
School of Retail Management
Ted Rogers MBA

What We Look For

The Ted Rogers School of Management (TRSM) accepts applications for Contract Lecturers for the Fall, Winter and Summer semesters. TRSM welcomes applications from professionals OR academics that meet the following minimum criteria:

Criteria Professional Applicants Academic Applicants
Education Minimum of a Masters degree or equivalent in a related field PhD or equivalent in a related field*
Experience Significant and sustained business-related experience including full/part-time positions, consulting, private practice, volunteering, professional development activities, and other activities which demonstrate professional engagement and knowledge of the field. Production of academic publications including peer-reviewed journal articles.

*We also welcome applications from candidates currently enrolled in PhD studies who have begun their dissertation in the last 3 years.

The criteria for evaluating candidate qualifications and competences are consistent with the relevant collective agreement (CUPE Local 3904 Unit 1 - Part Time and Sessional Contract Lecturers).

Note: TRSM is a proud member of the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB). AACSB accreditation ensures that a school is teaching students what employers need, including the latest ideas in business, theories and practical skills. Accordingly, new and returning candidates may be required to demonstrate significant and sustained professional engagement needed to keep abreast of new knowledge and developments in their field.

For full details on TRSM’s minimum qualifications please read Minimum Qualifications for Applicants.

Please note that each department within TRSM has additional qualifications described with their respective job postings.

How to Apply

Review Position(s)

All Contract Lecturer positions are now posted on Ryerson’s online hiring system as noted below.  Review position information for each Department/School.


New Applicants

Applicants who are new to Ryerson (and previous Contract Lecturers who have NOT taught at Ryerson within the last 3 years) will find positions on Ryerson’s Careers site.  Applicants should select the “Do not have an employment relationship with Ryerson University” option.  Once the positions window opens click the “Sign in or register your account as a new user” option. New applicants must create a profile and then apply without specifically selecting a job.  For detailed instructions on how to apply as a new Ryerson employee please view the following online demo.


Returning Applicants

Returning applicants (CUPE, Unit 1 Contract Lecturers who have had an employment contract with the University within the last 3 years) can access all available CUPE, Unit 1 positions through Self Service in the eHR tab on the portal or through Ryerson’s Careers site.   For instructions on how to search and apply for Contract Lecturer positions please visit the online demo.  Information will include:

  • Course/package listings with a link to Ryerson’s Calendar for course descriptions
  • Department/School Qualifications
  • Rating Scale outlining the criteria and scoring system used in the selection process
  • Experience/seniority list for current Contract Lecturers 
Applying to Multiple Positions

If you are applying to more than one Department or School you will need to submit a separate online application for each Department/School. This applies to both new and returning applicants.

Submitting Electronically

Applicants MUST apply by submitting their application electronically through each Department’s online posting on Ryerson’s recruiting system.

Required Documents

When submitting your application(s), you will be required to submit the following by the deadline date indicated in each of the Department/School postings, Note:  Your resume along with all other required documentation must be submitted in one file no larger than 5 MB.  Please include your cover letter within your resume. For instructions on how to combine all required documentation into one file please view this online demo:

  • Resume: Two templates of resumes are provided: one for academic applicants and the other for professional applicants. Please choose and fill out the template that best suits your qualifications. For further clarification, please see the Minimum Qualifications for Applicants.   Please note that the Board Service Report Template and the Consulting Practice Report Template are included in the Professional Resume Template for applicants with the corresponding professional experience.
  • Within your chosen resume template please include a cover letter indicating which package(s) and course(s) you are applying for as part of your application.  For example: “Package #7 for ACC100 (2 sections) and ACC406 (1 section)”. Cover letters should be addressed to the Chair or Director of the relevant Department or School as indicated in the Qualifications section of the posting. 
Additional Documentation

Please refer to each Department/School Qualifications section for information on supporting documentation that may be required for your application. Additional documentation may include but is not limited to:

  • Official student evaluations from previous Faculty Course Survey processes
  • Previous teaching assessments
  • Evidence of having demonstrated skills/ability to teach effectively in a University environment at the post-secondary level
  • Evidence of recent professional experience (provide listing of recent professional roles, consulting work, or other expert activities, with a listing of dates, clients, time frames, and outcomes)
  • Currency reports for returning Contract Lecturers or evidence of a sustainable strategy for maintaining currency in the field (scholarly activities, maintaining standing in professional associations; professional workshop attendance; serving on a board of directors, leadership positions in recognized professional/academic societies, teaching for executive education programs, membership and service in a professional society) for new applicants
  • Evidence of recent teaching experience in the course or a similar course

Applicants who list consulting or private practice experience or membership on a Board of Directors should fill out the corresponding section of located at the end of the Professional Resume Template.

Glossary of Terms


Chair/Director refers to the Chair/Acting Chair or Director/Acting Director who is a head of a Department/School.


CLAC stands for Contract Lecturer Appointment Committee

Contract Lecturer

A contract lecturer is a member of the Bargaining Unit holding a CUPE, Local 3904, Unit 1, teaching appointment.

Experience/Seniority credits

Experience/seniority credits are used interchangeably in the Collective Agreement and mean the amount of departmental teaching experience accrued by each Contract Lecturer dependent on the type of teaching appointment obtained by the Contract Lecturer.

Rating Scale

Each Department/School CLAC has developed a Rating Scale that includes criteria by which Contract Lecturer positions are assessed.  The Rating Scale is used by the CLAC in the hiring process to rate/score all applicants.  The Rating Scale includes criteria such as the following:

  • Education
  • Experience
  • Currency
  • Teaching Skills
  • Interactive Skills

Please review the Rating Scale for the Department or School that you are applying to as there will be detailed criteria required depending on the academic area.

Semester Hour

A semester hour refers to a 50-minute period of class instruction in the day programs of the University (or in the evening if taught as a residual part of the day program teaching function) offered to a group of students weekly.  Most courses are 3 hours per week.

Types of Appointments
  Type Number of Sections
1 Full workload, Full-Year Sessional 5 sections in the fall and 5 sections in the winter
2 Full workload, Half Sessional 5 sections in one semester only (either fall or winter)
3 Reduced workload, Full-Year Sessional 3 to 4 sections in the fall and 3 to 4 sections in the winter
4 Reduced workload, Half Sessional 3 to 4 sections in one semester only (either fall or winter)
5 Part-time hourly, Full-Year Sessional 1 to 2 sections in the fall and 1 to 2 sections in the winter
6 Part-time hourly, Half Sessional 1 to 2 sections in one semester only (either fall or winter)

There can also be combinations of the above. (i.e., A Contract Lecturer can have a full workload in fall and a part-time hourly appointment in the winter).

Posting Date

  • Fall: May 15
  • Winter: November 1
  • Summer: March 1

Should additional sections become available, they will be posted on this page as they arise.

Common Files

The Information Sheet for Applicants includes instructions on the application process. The CE Course listing is included here for information purposes.