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Research Programs and Support Services

The associate dean of research and graduate programs oversees and facilitates scholarly research and creative activity within the Ted Rogers School of Management. Together, the TRSM research committee, research mentors, research support staff, and the associate dean assist colleagues in setting research productivity goals and implementing policies and initiatives to ensure a strong and growing research culture at the Ted Rogers School of Management. 

The TRSM Scholarly, Research and Creative Activity (SRC) Committee

Committee Chair

  • Dr. Kelly MacKay, Associate Dean of Research and Graduate Programs
  • Dr. Seung Hwan (Mark) Lee, Associate Professor, Ted Rogers School of Retail Management

Full-time faculty members from each of TRSM’s departments/schools

  • Dr. Rupa Banerjee, Associate Professor, Ted Rogers School of Business Management (Human Resources & Organizational Behaviour)
  • Dr. Charlene Nicholls-Nixon, Director of the Entrepreneurship Research Institute, Associate Professor, Ted Rogers School of Business Management (Entrepreneurship & Strategy) 
  • Dr. Rachel Dodds, Director of the Ted Rogers Institute for Tourism and Hospitality Research & Professor, Ted Rogers School of Hospitality & Tourism Management
  • Dr. Jonathan Farrar, Associate Professor, School of Accounting & Finance (Accounting)
  • Dr. Yuanshun Li, Associate Professor, School of Accounting & Finance (Finance)
  • Dr. Horatio Morgan, Associate Professor, Ted Rogers School of Business Management (Global Management Studies)
  • Dr. Martin Pyle, Assistant Professor, Ted Rogers School of Business Management (Marketing Management)
  • Dr. David Nickerson, Professor of Distinction, Ted Rogers School of Business Management (Real Estate Management)
  • Dr. Ozgur Turetken, Director & Professor, Ted Rogers School of Information Technology Management
  • Dr. Kernaghan Webb, Director of the Institute for Corporate Social Responsibility & Associate Professor, Ted Rogers School of Business Management (Law & Business)

Ex Officio Members

  • Recording Secretary: Niklaus Ashton, Research Support Specialist
  • Research Librarian: Lucina Fraser, Business/Finance Librarian
  • Graduate student: Shanghavy Karunakaran, MScM student


Contacting the Research Support Team

The research support team is responsible for assisting faculty, visiting scholars, fellows, and graduate students in their research endeavours. If you require research support or have any questions regarding research, please contact a staff member listed below.

Niklaus Ashton
Research Support Specialist

General research inquiries, research support programs, research productivity and reporting, research announcements and website, workshops and seminars, research plans and policies, knowledge mobilization, finding research partners. 


Jill Rocha
Research Accounts Support Officer

Administration of research accounts, budget support, analysis and reporting, university and funding agency policies and protocols consulting, research related expenses, purchasing and hires.


TRSM Research Mentors

The TRSM Research Mentors provide leadership in cultivating faculty research skills and work alongside the Research Facilitator to ensure that faculty receive necessary assistance with their scholarly endeavours.

The 2016 Research Mentors

The Research Mentors Can Assist Faculty with the Following:

  • Obtaining sound advice and feedback on research papers and other intellectual contributions;
  • Developing support programs and co-ordinating/hosting seminars and workshops to foster research excellence;
  • Facilitating contact with other researchers (networking);
  • Navigating ethics processes and procedures for the responsible conduct of research;
  • Identifying research goals/objectives and developing action plans to enhance faculty research careers;
  • Other support as needed.  

Research Overview From Associate Dean

The vision and mission for the Ted Rogers School of Management articulate our distinctive brand and differentiate us from other business schools and so do our research and graduate programs.

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Faculty Profiles by School

Featured Faculty

Dr. Ayse Yuce
joined the faculty at the Ted Rogers School of Finance and Accounting in 2001 

Dr. Fei Song
joined the Ted Rogers School of Business Management at Ryerson University in 2005 as an assistant professor

Dr. Ozgur Turetken
studied electrical engineering as an undergraduate in his native Turkey and earned his MBA there before coming 

Dr. Linying Dong
came to Canada in 1999 to undertake her PhD in management information systems and remained to pursue an academic career here.

Dr. Howard Lin
joined the global management studies program at the Ted Rogers School of Business Management

Dr. Alison Kemper
joined the faculty of the Ted Rogers School of Business Management in 2013 after a 20-year management career 

Dr. Brennan Thompson
Even though his academic career is still young, Brennan has been at Ryerson longer than almost all of his colleagues in Economics

Dr. Cynthia Holmes
As someone who has always loved mathematics and was drawn to finance, perhaps it’s no surprise that Cynthia

Dr. Sean Wise
Sean Wise’s entrepreneurial career began at age 13, performing magic tricks at birthday parties in his Sean the Clown costume. Decades later

Dr. Pnina Alon-Shenker
fell in love with law while studying legal theory and the role law plays in society as a law student and decided

Dr. Chris MacDonald
is a professor, writer, speaker and consultant on ethics. MacDonald has been

Dr. Farid Shirazi
an expert in information and communications technology (ICT), is driven by a belief

Dr. Hong Yu
has been associate professor at the Ted Rogers School of Retail Management

Dr. Horatio Morgan
is very passionate about unleashing the potential of enterprising individuals

Dr. Patricia R. Sniderman
left an established industry career in human resources management to join the Ryerson University faculty

Dr. Gabor Forgacs
grew up in Hungary during the Soviet era, working in the hospitality business was a breath of fresh air.

Dr. Sari Graben
is a lawyer who focuses her research on issues related to Indigenous peoples and resource development

Dr. Deborah de Lange
has always been passionate about making the world a better place

Dr. Rachel Dodds
has visited upwards of 80 countries --and counting -- because she firmly believes

Dr. Sui Sui
developed her passion for assisting small companies to adjust to the global marketplace

Dr. Dave Valliere
is a frequent media commentator on entrepreneurship and small business

Dr. Catherine Middleton
Canada Research Chair in Communication Technologies in the Information Society