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Celeste Saddler
Program Academic Coordinator, Student Academic Advisor
416.979.5000 ext.7203

Celeste is responsible for academic administration, planning, polices and procedures, curriculum maintenance, course management, academic mediation, and school events with the advice of the Director.  She supports, guides and provides advice on academic matters to all current and prospective students along with members of the faculty.   Celeste is active in promoting the TRSM School of Retail Management to prospective students and those at partnering colleges who wish to complete a university degree. She provides insight into potential career opportunities, admission requirements, reinstatement procedures, appeals and special education programs.

Sean Sedlezky
Manager, Program Design
416.979.5000 ext.7931 

Sean creates and maintains strong connections to the industry and our Advisory Council to develop internship and career opportunities for Retail students and help identify real world projects & guest speakers to join the classroom. He works one on one with student to ensure that they are on the right career path. He manages the continuing education programs and ensures that the latest technology is being used in the classroom.