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As Canada’s only comprehensive School of Retail Management, our Scholarly, Research and Creative activities encompass key elements of the retail value chain. We endeavour to develop, create, and disseminate relevant research for the benefit of professional and academic communities. We envision becoming an international thought leader and the Canadian source for innovative retail research.

Retail Value Chain
*Adapted from: Porter, M. E. (1986). Competition in Global Industries. Boston: Harvard Business School Press, p. 21.

Major Research Areas

  • Firm Infrastructure: Donna Smith
  • Human Resources Management: Frances Gunn
  • Technology Development & Utilisation: Norman Shaw
  • Omni-channel Operations: Frances Gunn
  • Marketing & Branding: Elizabeth Evans, Frances Gunn, Seung Hwan (Mark) Lee, Hong Yu
  • Service Quality & Leadership: Frances Gunn