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Funded Projects

The Ted Rogers School of Retail Management Faculty members have been actively involved with various funded project as outlined in the TRSRM Research Plan. 

Featured Research Report


Hong Yu

Dr. Hong Yu’ Funded Projects

  • Yu, H. (2015). Designing Omni-channels Grocery Shopping Solutions for Elderly Shoppers. MITACS Globallink Research Internships.
  • Yu, H. & Osmud Rahman (2014-2015). Inclusive Clothing and Retail Servicescapes for Canadian Older Consumers. Ted Rogers School of Management Internal Research Grant. $7000.
  • Rahman, O. & Yu, H. (2014-2015). Baby Boomers and Fashion Consumption. SSHRC Institutional Grant (SIG) 2013. $5720.
  • Yu, H. (2013). Inclusive Apparel Products and Retail Environments for Elderly Consumers: A Chinese Perspective. Ryerson Research Assistant Program. $4,000.
  • Tulio-Pow, S. & Yu, H. (2008-2012). Can’t Find a Thing to Wear: A Needs Assessment for the Visually Impaired. Ryerson Interdisciplinary Research Fund. $19,120.40.

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Dr. Donna Smith’s Funded Projects

Smith, D. & Hair, J. (2011) “Family Business Retailer‐Vendor Strategic Partnerships: What's the Impact of Commitment‐ Trust?”

  • TRSM Internal Grant.  $5,000
  • Coles College of Business, Kennesaw State University. $4,000 USD

Smith, D., Ferguson, K. & Hair, J. (2012) “The Influence of Family Business on Retailer-Vendor Strategic Partnerships.” 12th Annual International Family Enterprise Research Academy Conference, Bordeaux, France, June 26-29, 2012.

  •  TRSM Internal Grant

Smith, D., Hair, J. F., Jr., and Ferguson, K. (2014). An investigation of the effect of family influence on Commitment-Trust in retailer-vendor strategic partnerships. Journal of Family Business Strategy, 5(3), pp. 252-263.

  • TRSM Internal Grant

Sarstedt, Marko, Christian M. Ringle, Donna Smith, Russell Reams, and Joseph F. Hair Jr. (2014), "Partial Least Squares Structural Equation Modeling (PLS-SEM): A Useful Tool for Family Business Researchers," Journal of Family Business Strategy, 5(1), pp. 105-115.

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Dr. Norman Shaw’s Funded Projects

Principal Investigator:  Mitacs Business Development Project partnership with Rogers Communications that is investigating improved productivity in the public sector via wireless connectivity

Co-investigator:  SHRC Partnership Development Grant ‘Accelerating digital technology adoption in Canadian companies.’

Lead investigator:  Dr. Ojelanki Ngwenyama, Professor of Global Marketing, Ryerson University

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Dr. Frances Gunn’s Funded Projects

Smith, A., Fouto, N., Gunn, F., Batista, L. & Lindridge, A. (2014).  The Negative Impact of Pro-environmental Shopping Behaviour on Well-being: The Experience of Brazilian Consumers.  European Institute of Retailing and Services Studies Conference, July, 2014

  • Open University Business School International Fellowship

In preparation:

  • The Eaton Legacy: Professionalisation through collaboration-A Historical Case Study
  • The Process of Discursive Institutional Work: An Institutionalisation Approach to Innovation
  • Professionalising an occupation: An historical exploration of a collaborative degree development process

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