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Researcher Spotlight

Mark & Ksenia

Dr. Seung Hwan (Mark) Lee and Ksenia Sergueeva

Chewing increases consumers' thought-engagment during retail shopping

New research from professor Seung Hwan (Mark) Lee and Master of Science in Management student, Ksenia Sergueeva, found that the act of chewing may encourage consumers to spend more time browsing in a store and thinking about what to buy. The motivation behind this study was to try to understand what products you can give to subtly influence their behavior in a store,” said retail professor Lee.

While the study found that those who were chewing gum spent more time in the retail environment and bought more items. They did not, however, spend more money than the non-chewing gum group. For retailers, the researchers suggest they should try offering gum as a sample to consumers, targeting those who seem to have the time to browse and are not being distracted by other friends or family members. “The motivation of the retailers in this gum sampling scenario would be to encourage shoppers to spend more time browsing and thinking more about their products,” said professor Lee.

The study, was published in the March issue of the Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, was funded by Ted Rogers School of Management and the College of Business, and Colorado State University.

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Research Areas of Expertise: 

Hong Yu

  • Consumer behavior and marketing strategies in the context of the experiential economy. 
  • Shopping experiences and behavior of diverse segments, such as tourists, fashion shoppers, low vision shoppers, and elderly shoppers.

Frances Gunn 

  • Research in Human Resources Management focused on examining retail management education
  • Studies on curriculum innovations oriented to the applied educational experiences that are integral to sector-specific education.
  • Innovation in retail and service quality.

Norman Shaw 

  • Research in Technology Development & Utilisation focused on the post-adoption use of feature rich systems, the adoption of smartphone apps for face-to-face transactions in retail and hospitality
  • Examination of consumers’ attitude towards a mobile wallet adoption.

Donna Smith 

  • Research focused on commitment-trust applied to B2B and B2C settings.
  • Social media campaigns initiated by retailers and the role of consumer trust.

Seung Hwan (Mark) Lee

  • The role of influence in consumer networks.
  • Research on sensory marketing and atmospherics on consumer behavior.
  • Understanding consumer identification with brands.
  • Innovative teaching methods for marketing/retail education.