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Continuing Education

Certificate in Retail Management

Advance your career in retail with this certificate program that provides an industry-recognized university credential and a focus on the skills you need to succeed.

Build on your experience through a combination of theory and applied learning plus the flexibility to concentrate on buying, operations, and management for corporate or independent retailing.

Designed and delivered online to meet your demanding schedule, these six university-level courses can be applied to the Bachelor of Commerce degree in Retail Management offered full or part-time.

Retail Buying Course Series

The course series in Retail Buying includes three courses that will focus on one of the primary disciplines within retail. Students will examine the role of the buyer, the procurement process, and merchandise management. An exploration of in-store design, layout, and display options using space planning software will also be covered.

(Note: a "course series" is a bundle of classes by theme and is not the same as a "certificate".)

Course Series Admission Requirements:

Admission requirements include three years of work experience in the field and referral by employer, or permission of the academic coordinator.

Individual Retail Management Course Offerings

If you are already active in the retail industry and seek to enhance your knowledge of a specific topic by completing stand alone courses, please refer to the list of current offerings available through continuing education.

*Note: All of the above courses are offered via the Internet and (unless otherwise stated) may count as credit toward the Bachelor of Commerce degree in Retail Management.

For More Information:

To discover where learning can lead you, and for admission, registration, and scheduling details, please contact a Chang School of Continuing Education representative.

For specific retail management program and course information please contact: Sean Sedlezky

  • Continuing Education Academic Coordinator, Retail Management
  • Phone: 416.979.5000, ext. 7931
  • Email: