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Academic Deadlines

The following are upcoming academic deadlines and student support resources.

Mock Exams

Distributed until Friday, April 10th 2015

Get some extra preparation material for your Final Exams! We'll have mock exams for the following courses: ACC 100, 110, 406, 410, AFA 100, FIN 300, 401, QMS 102, 202, MKT 100.

Exams are provided in exchange for a minimum donation of $2.00 or donation of a non-perishable food item. All donations go to the Ryerson Safe House, Ryerson Food Room and Ryerson SOS.

Ryerson Students Offering Support (Ryerson SOS) is partnering with Student Services in TRSM to provide take up sessions for a select number of the mock exams. To find out more about the take up sessions and register go to

One on one exam planning or study strategy meetings

Available until Friday, April 10th 2015

Students can meet with an experienced TRSM student (Peer Academic Coach) for either 30 minutes to an hour (Monday - Friday) to acquire effective learning strategies to help them in areas such as: note taking, time management, exam preparation and much more. To book an appointment with a Peer Academic Coach, students can email or drop-in to room 2-168 (Student Resource Center).

If you feel your concerns or needs are beyond the scope of a Peer Academic Coach, please contact Madelyn Steed (Learning Strategist) at or Alexander Ruvuza (Student Success Facilitator) at

Free Tutoring and Study Group Sessions:

Available until Friday, April 10th 2015

These services are free for all students, and are run by upper-year students who have taken and excelled in the courses provided. Tutoring sessions are meant for students to further their understanding and answer questions accordingly. Please come prepared with areas of difficulty and practice questions. The tutoring sessions are drop-in and located in room 3-051 for the following courses: ACC: 100, 110, 406, & 410, AFA: 100, AFF: 210 FIN: 300 & 401, ITM: 100,102, 107, 207 & 500, MKT: 100 and QMS: 102 & 202.

Study Group sessions are facilitated by an upper-year student who has also taken and excelled in the course. This service requires pre-registration in The Student Resource Centre located in room 2-168 as there is a maximum capacity limit. This study group session acts as an extra one or two hour question practice session in which the lead facilitator will guide the students on material learned that week/over the semester. The following courses are provided: ACC: 100, 110, 406, & 410, AFA: 100 & 200, AFF: 210 FIN: 300 & 401, ITM: 100,102, 107, 207 & 500, MKT: 100 and QMS: 102 & 202