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The Bachelor of Commerce degree in Retail Management is a 4-year (full time) undergraduate program.

Please refer to the Ryerson Undergraduate Calendar for the official curriculum and co-op curriculum sequence.



A Minor is an opportunity for a student to explore a secondary area of undergraduate study either for personal interest beyond a student’s degree program, or as an area of specific expertise related to the student’s degree program that will serve the student’s career choice.

A Minor consists of six one-semester courses with a relationship based on discipline, theme and/or methodology, as determined by the program offering the Minor and approved by the Senate.

Minors Policy Highlights

  1. A Senate-approved Minor consists of six one-semester courses1.
  2. No course substitutions will be permitted in the completion of Minors.
  3. All students are eligible to take any Minor except those which are specifically excluded by their program because they are too closely related to the core program requirements.
  4. Where it is possible, a student may take more than one Minor. However, an individual course may only be used to satisfy the requirements of one Minor.
  5. It is acknowledged that scheduling issues such as course availability may prevent individual students from being able to access all of the courses in a specific minor in the same time frame as they are completing the requirements for their degree.
  6. Courses in the Minor may need to be taken above and beyond those in a student’s program, possibly with additional fees.
  7. A Minor must be completed before graduation.
  8. Completion of a Minor is noted on the academic transcript, but not on the award document.

For more information see Senate Policy #148.

Sample List of Minors

The following is a sample of the minor-areas available.  For the full list, please refer to the Ryerson Undergraduate Calendar.

  • Accounting
  • E-Business
  • Entrepreneurship & Innovation
  • Fashion Studies
  • Global Management
  • Human Resources

  • Marketing
  • Non-profit and Voluntary Sector
  • Photography Studies
  • Public Relations
  • Visual Studies
  • and more