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Retail Students Association

Who We Are

The RSA is a student association and the official course union representing the Ted Rogers School of Retail Management to Ryerson University. Since the organization’s inception in 1998, the RSA has connected students to serve their needs and stimulate their growth.

Meet Our Team

Mathew Catangui
Executive Vice President
Nicole Boudreau
VP Corporate Relations
Madeline Schwartz
VP Marketing
Krizia Testani
Marketing Associate
Hugo Fok
VP Finance
VP Events
Jessica Singh
Events Associate
Vernija Ravindran
4th Year Rep
3rd Year Rep
2nd Year Rep
1st Year Rep


What We Do

To foster a relationship among students, faculty, alumni and industry professionals along with creating a sense of pride and community within the School of Retail Management that leads to an overall positive student life experience. Not only that, we also work to provide opportunities that shape Retail Management students into well-rounded, social, and corporate responsible professionals. 


RSA Logo


Twitter: @ryersonRSA

Facebook: @RetailStudentsAssociation