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What You Study

When you become a Retail Management student, you will begin learning all about retailing right from day one including "Issues and Innovations" that are happening in the industry right now, the "Retail Buying" function, and much more.

If you are interested in business in general and how to succeed, a degree in retail management may be right for you. 

Are you....


You'll learn how to write a business plan in ENT500 - New Venture Startup,
or explore what it means to run a franchise business in RMG902 - Franchising.


Study how retailers expand into new markets in RMG906 - International Retail Markets and travel to 3 cities in China with the class in RMG917 - Asia Pacific Study Tour.

ready to take on a LEADERSHIP role?

Practice analyzing case studies in RMG500 - Retail Strategy, then learn about being a leader for RMG925 - Leadership in Service Organizations.

curious about RESEARCH & INNOVATION?

Hone your qualitative and quantitative analysis skills in RMG700 - Applied Retail Research and look at creativity and innovation within organizations for RMG908 - Issues and Innovations in Retailing II.

Find full course descriptions for these and more through the
Ryerson Undergraduate Calendar 2015/16


Graduating with a Minor - in Marketing, Fashion, Entrepreneurship, and more