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Student Research Spotlight

The following is a selected example of the thesis work completed by students in the MScM degree program.

Ammar Akhtar

Thesis: Examination of deep acting in retail disability service training

Abstract: Serving disabled customers who have different needs is labour intensive for employees as they are expected to display emotions when serving customers. The quality of service delivered to disabled customers is affected by employees’ behaviour and relates to employees’ emotional reactions to consumers. Studies call on employers to improve disability training for employees. This study addresses the question whether training can affect employees’ reactions to providing services to disabled customers. By adapting Brotheridge & Lee's (2003) Emotional Labor Scale and Saks and Belcourt's (2006) Training Activities Scale, 150 participants filled a questionnaire and were grouped into three categories based on their deep acting skills prior to training. A positive influence exists between events during and after training and deep acting skill levels. This study calls on retail organizations to identify employees with high and low levels of deep acting and invest more in during and after training stages to facilitate the transfer of deep acting skills.