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Dr. Alison Kemper, BA, MDiv, MTh, MBA, PhD

Assistant Professor
Entrepreneurship and Strategy
Ted Rogers School of Business Management

Alison Kemper joined the faculty of the Ted Rogers School of Business Management in 2013 after a 20-year management career in the not-for-profit sector working for organizations such as Greenpeace Canada and the 519 Community Centre.

She returned to graduate school in 2001 for an MBA “when I realized that the decision-making with the greatest impacts on the environment and on society was being made in corporate boardrooms.” After graduating as the valedictorian of her MBA class, she earned her PhD – and an award from the Aspen Institute for her dissertation proposal -- exploring both business strategy and corporate social responsibility.

 “I am interested in pursuing issues about how corporations influence the world around them and how the world influences corporations, Kemper said.

Today, Kemper continues to pursue her research passions while teaching an introduction to entrepreneurship and a fourth-year business strategy course.

“I love being in the presence of curiosity and I like to foster it,” she said. “Students at the Ted Rogers School of Management are much more interested in learning than in grades."

“What a job! It’s great.”

In city renowned for its diversity, she is excited to find that diversity seems to be “deep in the culture” at Ryerson.

“There are no clusters or cliques in which diversity isn’t reflected,” she said. “People really want to get to know everyone else and want to work together. It’s distinctive and it’s reflective of the kind of faculty we have.”

On the research front, Kemper is exploring corporate governance issues and sustainability issues. She is also looking into social entrepreneurship and at ways to combine an interest in sustainability with governance research.

“There have to be a variety or responses to the failures of systems to work,” she said. “I am interested in how one person or group can change these systems.”


The entrepreneurship and strategy major teaches students how to become entrepreneurs and play key roles in society by relentlessly pursuing opportunities to create and sustain a competitive and viable enterprise.