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Avner Levin

Dr. Avner Levin, BSc, LLB, LLM, SJD

Associate Professor and Chair of Law and Business
Director, Privacy and Cyber-Crime Institute
After Avner Levin, a native of Israel, earned his master’s degree in law and his PhD at the University of Toronto, he remained in the country that his wife calls home.  He joined the faculty at the Ted Rogers School of Management in 2002. 

“I like Ryerson very much, both the students and my colleagues,” he said. “We have an opportunity here that you don’t have at many places to get all kinds of perspectives on life from people of different backgrounds.”

In addition to his administrative duties as department chair, Levin teaches one course each semester. In the fall, he takes on the introductory law and business class, which gives him

“the opportunity to really interact with students who know very little about the law.”

During the winter semester, he teaches the program’s capstone course, Law, Business and Politics in the Real World, bringing in a series of distinguished speakers weekly to discuss various topics in law and business.

Levin also directs the work of the Privacy and Cyber-Crime Institute at the Ted Rogers School of Management, which undertakes research about privacy and cyber crime issues such as workplace surveillance, biometrics, monitoring, identity theft, security breaches and online social networks with a focus on their implications for management. 

He is working on research about proposed legislative changes to how personal information is regulated and exploring the problems related to privacy on line. Levin also has a personal interest in the legal profession and diversity within the profession. One of his current projects explores who has access to the legal profession as a career.

Levin’s research is frequently published in peer-reviewed professional journals. He is the co-author of The Law of Employee Use of Technology, and is sought after as a media commentator on legal issues.

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