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Dr. Brennan Thompson, PhD

Associate Professor
Associate Professor
Economics and Management Science
Ted Rogers School of Business Management
Undergraduate Program Director, Department of Economics 

Even though his academic career is still young, Brennan has been at Ryerson longer than almost all of his colleagues in Economics.  Having attended the Ted Rogers School of Management as an undergraduate, served worked as a teaching assistant and part-time instructor at Ryerson throughout his graduate studies, and served on the faculty here since completing his PhD,  Thompson has spent nearly half of his life at Ryerson.

“I’ve been at Ryerson since 1998,” he said, “and I’ve seen all of these great things happening over time. This has been an extremely exciting place to be.”

Economics is one of the dynamic departments in the university, Thompson noted, because most of the faculty members have earned their PhDs in the past decade and are actively engaged in cutting-edge research. Students in the economics and management ccience major at the Ted Rogers School of Business Management are the beneficiaries.

“We compete well with other universities,” Thompson said. “The rest of the world is starting to acknowledge what is happening here.

“Our students are going on to master’s degree programs at all of the top Canadian universities and are often the best-prepared students there.”

Thompson’s own research focuses on exploring important societal issues questions, such as poverty and inequality, using tools from economics and statistics.

“Research is just all about problem solving,” he said. “The interesting thing for me is coming up with the tools to solve the problem, such as a new statistical technique.”

He also enjoys being in the front of a class, something he began as a teaching assistant in graduate school.

 “I like the idea of having students re-evaluate what they’ve learned before and digging deeper to think about why they’re doing what they’re doing.”

The economics and management science program is designed to prepare professionals with well-developed analytical and model building skills for careers in industry and government