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Farid Shirazi

Dr. Farid Shirazi, B.Eng., MSc. CS, PhD

Associate Director and Associate Professor
Ted Rogers School of Information Technology Management
Senior Researcher
Institute for Information Technology Management
Faculty Advisor
ITM Learning Edge

Farid Shirazi, an expert in information and communications technology (ICT), is driven by a belief that information should be shared freely, whether in a classroom or via the Internet. A native of Iran, he has seen firsthand the impact of government repression, and some of his research explores the impact of ICT on people in developing countries and on marginalized groups.

Shirazi believes that ICT can also be a tool for solving a variety of today’s environmental problems and has directed some of his research toward creating a network of wireless sensors that will be able to detect and report carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere of mega-cities such as Toronto; this will make it possible to collect regular data. Big data is also one of his interests, especially determining ways of getting useful information from rich sources in a timely manner.

As someone who has always loved learning, Shirazi is passionate about teaching and sharing his knowledge with a younger generation. He currently teaches IT Infrastructure, Network Management, Data Communications Network Design and Information Systems Security and Privacy, as well as supervising both master’s and PhD students.

To find out more about Farid Shirazi, visit his website