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Dr. Ayse Yuce, BS, MBA, PhD

Professor of Finance

Ted Rogers School of Finance and Accounting

Professor Ayse Yuce joined the faculty at the Ted Rogers School of Finance and Accounting in 2001 and served as chair of the Finance Department from 2004 to 2012.

Yuce came to TRSM from the University of Northern British Columbia. She has also taught at Bilkent University in her native Turkey and served as a visiting professor at Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Ont. She earned her PhD at Louisiana State University, but came to Canada at the urging of friends and colleagues.

“I really like Toronto,” Yuce said. “It is very multi-cultural.
“I also like the entrepreneurial spirit of Ryerson students. They  come to school with a good interest in learning and are open to new strategies and concepts.”

Yuce teaches an undergraduate investment course and also teaches in the MBA program. Investing and international finance are her passions.

“I enjoy teaching students about how to form portfolios and how to take some risks in order to get returns,” she said.

Her investment course gives students the opportunity to take part in a semester-long simulation, asking them to invest a hypothetical million dollars in a portfolio they have created and watch to see how their investments increase or decrease over time.

“Some take excessive risks and treat it like gambling, while others are extremely conservative and don’t take risks at all,” Yuce said. “By the end of the semester they really see how it works and learn real lessons.”

In September 2014, Yuce introduced an Islamic Finance course, a subject that is increasing in popularity in universities worldwide. She is also doing research on the topic, comparing traditional banks and Islamic banks in various countries to see if there is any advantage in using one or the other.”

“Research is very important for me,” Yuce said. “With research, I hope to help company managers and the public make better investment decisions.”

Her other research explores the developing and emerging country privatizations and the performance of the state-owned enterprises. Recently, she has done extensive research on the effects of foreign direct investment by the multi-national companies in different countries to see how they make decisions regarding foreign direct investment and how these decisions affect the companies’ performance. In addition, Yuce has published numerous papers and books on investment and international finance.