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Fei Song

Dr. Fei Song, BA, MBA, PhD


Human Resources Management and Organizational Behaviour, Ted Rogers School of Business Management

Fei Song joined the Ted Rogers School of Business Management at Ryerson University in 2005 as an assistant professor of human resources management and organizational behaviour, and she has since become an associate professor.

Song came to TRSM after completing her PhD at York University’s Schulich School of Business, where she also worked as a lecturer. She teaches in both the MBA program and the undergraduate business management program and believes that teaching and research are equally valuable aspects of her work.

“I do as much teaching as research,” Song said. “They are very connected, because part of research is the dissemination of knowledge, and teaching is one way to do that. It is as important as writing papers for scholarly publication. I infuse my research into my teaching.”

Song says students enjoy hearing about her research in class and finds that she often gets ideas for new research topics from class discussions.

Research methodology is one of the courses Song teaches, and it dovetails nicely with her own research, because she enjoys using a variety of research techniques. Her research projects include experimental research into the factors that influence decision-making and how compensation influences motivation.

Recently, an interest in both public policy and big data sets has led her to study the Ontario government’s full-day kindergarten program and whether it has produces students who do significantly better by the time they reach Grade 3 than those who haven’t attended the full-day program.

“I am interested in whether any investment actually realizes a return,” Song said. “This is a big public policy initiative that involved a $1.5 billion investment annually by the taxpayers, so I want to see if it pays off.”

In addition to her own research, Song serves as an advisor and a second reader for the major research paper written by TRSM’s MBA students.

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