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Dr. Gabor Forgacs, Dr. Oec (Doctorate in Economic Sciences)

Associate Professor
Ted Rogers School of Hospitality and Tourism Management

For Gabor Forgacs, who grew up in Hungary during the Soviet era, working in the hospitality business was a breath of fresh air.

“In an Eastern bloc country, here was an exciting environment with people speaking foreign languages and coming from different cultures,” he reminisced.

Today, he is just as excited by the industry and delights in sharing his passion with students. He draws on his industry experience in Canada and abroad, as well as his formal education, undertaken in an environment where

“the hotel industry was for the best and the brightest.”

Forgacs loves being an educator and being challenged by students daily. He is also fascinated by the way the field of education continues to change, and he constantly experiments with new methods of engaging today’s information-age youth.

The two courses Forgacs most enjoys teaching are Hospitality Revenue Management and The Value of Branding in Lodging. The former, he says, is an interdisciplinary course that mirrors the real world challenge of running a hotel and driving revenue. The branding course teaches how to create value through branding in an era where “everything is about branding.”

To find out more about Gabor Forgacs, read his bio.

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