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Dr. Horatio Morgan, BSc, MSc, MA, PhD

Associate Professor
Global Management Studies, Ted Rogers School of Business Management

Horatio Morgan is very passionate about unleashing the potential of enterprising individuals. Indeed, this is the driving force behind his research on the financial and social barriers that may impede the formation, growth and success of new and small ventures, especially those with global aspirations. To assist officials in making relevant policy based on sound evidence, he draws on his professional background in finance, banking and international taxation, as well as his doctoral training in economics.

By publishing in peer-reviewed journals and partnering with industry leaders, government agencies and research institutes, Horatio is making his mark in the areas of small business financing, entrepreneurship and export promotion.

While I am very committed to producing research that is published in leading peer-reviewed journals, I am also keen on providing new ideas and methods that entrepreneurs and policymakers will view as viable solutions to real problems in the global marketplace,” he said.

As an associate professor of global management studies, Horatio has developed and taught undergraduate courses in global management and international economics at the Ted Rogers School of Management since 2011. He enriches the learning experience of his students by bringing his wealth of practical knowledge and experience to the classroom.

“When I think about the potential of my students to make their mark in Canada or abroad, it’s hard to think about anything else,” he said.

As a life-long learner, he emphasizes the importance of “learning how to quickly learn and unlearn” for long-term success in a rapidly changing global economy.

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