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Rachel Dodds

Dr. Rachel Dodds, BA, MTM, PhD

Associate Professor
Ted Rogers School of Hospitality and Tourism Management

Rachel Dodds has visited upwards of 80 countries --and counting -- because she firmly believes “people should travel if they’re researching and teaching about tourism.”

Dodds, who has taught at the Ted Rogers School of Management since 2006, earned her bachelor’s degree in Canada, her master’s in Australia and her PhD in England. She began working in the hospitality industry as a teenager and has experience in many aspects of the business, including tour operations, hotels, sales and communications/marketing. As a professor, she has the opportunity to share her love for the industry with her students, along with her passion for sustainable tourism, a growing field.

“I want to inspire students to be able to implement change,” Dodds said. “ My job is to teach them to question and to be all they can be”.

She has been passionate about sustainability since the age of 15, when she saw raw sewage flowing directly into the ocean during a family holiday in Mexico and wanted to do something to change that practice. In addition to her university responsibilities, she runs a small consulting firm called Sustaining Tourism, focusing on sustainable solutions to tourism problems and sits on multiple boards of directors and advisory councils.

“I’m a very practical-oriented person,” said Dodds. “I like to solve industry and government problems.”

She is currently assisting the provincial Ministry of Environment to determine how to implement sustainable recreation and tourism practices in the Lake Simcoe Watershed.

“I need a balance of research and teaching,” said Dodds. “It keeps me real and grounded.”

Her skill in both areas is evident; Dodds received both the award for Scholarly Research and Creativity Award as well as the Hospitality and Tourism Management award for Outstanding Contribution to the Student Experience in 2011

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