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Sari Graben

Dr. Sari Graben, LLB, LLM, PhD

Assistant Professor of Law and Business
Ted Rogers School of Business Management

Sari Graben is a lawyer who focuses her research on issues related to Indigenous peoples and resource development, major growth areas in Canadian law and policy. “Much of my work identifies the risks of resource development by addressing the way law, property systems, and land governance affect economic development.”

Originally from Toronto, Graben joined the Ted Rogers School of Management faculty in 2013 after completing a post-doctoral fellowship at the University of California, Berkeley, and serving as a Fulbright Visiting Research Chair at the University of Washington in Seattle. While she was initially engaged in the practice of law, Graben became attracted to research and being in the university environment.

"The practice of law and the study of law have a different focus and tempo,” she said. “The energy at the university is provocative and engaging with its members is rewarding

Graben teaches business law, international business law, and environmental law. She is very impressed by the drive and enthusiasm of Ryerson students.

"I’m blown away by how entrepreneurial and responsible our students are” Graben said. “They are intensely focused on using their education to develop businesses that reflect their values -- even before they graduate

Graben believes that legal knowledge is crucial for students entering the business world.

"You cannot really engage in any type of business today without an understanding of regulatory risks, and that’s a real contribution of the Ted Rogers law and business program” ,Graben noted. “Many of our students are engaged in the financial industry or in human resources and are well placed to identify the risks their employers take on daily

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