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Sui Sui

Dr. Sui Sui, BA, MA, PhD

Assistant Professor
Global Management Studies, Ted Rogers School of Business Management

Sui Sui developed her passion for assisting small companies to adjust to the global marketplace while working for an import-export company in her native China.

Sui, a finance graduate of China’s Dongbei University of Finance and Economics, found herself intrigued by the potential for government institutions and programs to help entrepreneurs be successful in the global market. Her interest in helping small- and medium-sized firms navigate the global economy led her to Carleton University in Ottawa and Ph.D. in economics.

“My goal is to help entrepreneurs be successful,” Sui said. “My work provides information that is useful for firms and governments to thrive in the global marketplace.

“In today’s economy, for certain industries, if you don’t reach global markets, it’s tough to survive.”

In researching successful internationalization strategies for entrepreneurs, Sui regularly turns to Statistics Canada’s firm-level data.

“Statistics Canada is one of the most respected statistical agencies in the world, and they have huge, interesting database,” Sui said. “It has lots of information that is useful for Canadian companies, policy-makers, and those based in other advanced economies.”

Sui loves her research work, published in popular media (such as the Globe ad the Mail) and top-tier journals in the area of international business, and always has several projects going.

“My husband says when I work with data, I’m happy,” she said.

However, she also delights in teaching. At Ryerson, she teaches both Introduction to Global Management, a large lecture class, and Introduction to Managerial Economics.

“I love students and I make an effort to know every student in the class,” she said. “I like mentoring them and always ask them about their goals so I can slant the lectures in a way that will help them.

“They are a very diverse group, and I learn as much from them as they do from me.”

In addition to teaching and research, Sui supervises MBA students and coaches TRSM international business case competition teams. Add to that a new baby daughter, and life is busy.

“If you are in this profession, you must love what you are doing, but the research subjects are so intriguing, the busier I am, the happier I am,” Sui said.

For more information about Sui Sui, visit her website.