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Ryerson Theatre School

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Five Key Ingredients

Building your passion for acting, dance, or technical production into a career takes five key ingredients found at the School. No other Canadian theatre program offers all five:


Conservatory-style training

In addition to comprehensive in-class instruction, you spend a substantial amount of time practising the art of theatre - you get to live and breathe it. The School, which accepts talented students with diverse experience and background, trains from the ground up. By the end of four years, you develop a professional level of experience, focus, discipline, technique, and versatility through:

  • Extensive workshop and studio training.
  • Individual coaching and mentorship.
  • Experience participating in or mounting full-scale theatrical productions.

University education

A university education means learning to explore, critically filter, and interpret the world around you - qualities essential to personal growth and the creative process. In addition to theatre courses tailored to your area of focus, you study additional subjects that inform your craft - ones that help you develop as a thinking artist. Study choices include history of art and performance, music, film, entrepreneurship, business-related courses, and liberal studies. You undertake research and analysis, write papers, and complete independent study projects. In the process, you become more better equipped to evolve and shape your career.

Collaborative community

The School creates an open forum for Acting, Dance, and Performance Production students to communicate with, learn from, and support each other as part of a creatively pooled, partnered ensemble. Together you take classes, carry out projects, and mount professionally run performances. You gain an understanding of each other's needs, roles, strengths, and responsibilities. You develop the required collaborative, flexible, and professional approach expected in the industry.

Culture of entrepreneurship

Develop the creative initiative to follow through with your own artistic vision and the entrepreneurial thinking needed to generate your own works and employment opportunities. The curriculum is specially designed to help you adopt the tools, know-how, and ingenuity to create original performance pieces or launch business ventures in theatre, dance, or other forms of production.

"Ryerson is the perfect place to be - you learn to be more than simply an actor or dancer, but a performer, a more well-rounded and aware artist who can succeed at many things."

Industry contact

Ryerson University is located in downtown Toronto - ranked third largest in the world for English-language theatre and in North America for television and film production. Our location means access to unsurpassed study and work opportunities. You learn from guest artists as well as faculty who - in addition to being dedicated educators - work in the business, have distinguished careers, and can provide you with valuable contacts.

"The faculty really go the extra mile. They put in a lot of extra hours with us after class or studio time and work 24/7 to get professional theatre talent to come in and help us train."

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