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Hossein Rahnama is shaping the future of A.I.

Hossein Rahnama’s research into artificial intelligence and contextual computing led to the creation of Flybits, a Toronto-based company that hides the complexity of these developments, enabling enterprises to create and deliver highly personalized consumer experiences that drive digital engagement. 

Usha George sees a brighter tomorrow

Usha George knows that immigration is a global issue and Canada is a role model. The research she and her colleagues are doing within the Ryerson Centre for Immigration and Settlement looks at all stages of the immigrant experience

Bala Venkatesh is solving tomorrow’s energy challenges

Dr. Bala Venkatesh is paving the way towards a sustainable future by developing electric power systems that provide clean and renewable sources of energy.

Eliza Chandler thinks art can lead to social change

Art and culture can lead to practical change for disabled people. Eliza Chandler works in partnership with art galleries, art councils and community groups in the GTA to change the way people think about disability art.

Ojelanki Ngwenyama helps foster a culture of innovation

Ojelanki Ngwenyama’s research will help Canadian organizations identify, understand and overcome barriers that prevent them from adopting new and innovative information and communication technologies.

April Khademi sees the future of medical imaging

As part of a diverse group of engineers and scientists partnering with St. Michael’s Hospital clinicians and researchers, April Khademi focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of diseases, through medical images and big data analytics.