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The Ethics and Compliance Minefield: New Rules for Doing Business Overseas

Doing business abroad has never been more challenging. Globalization has brought exciting new opportunities, but also risks. While corruption is widely recognized as a drain on developing economies, it remains a major challenge. Doing business responsibly in such places can mitigate both legal and reputational risks.


  • Keynote: Dr. Hentie Dirker, Regional Compliance Officer at Siemens Canada Ltd.
  • Allan Rotman, Lead Procurement Specialist, World Bank
  • Gilles Michaud, Assistant Commissioner, RCMP


Ted Rogers School of Management


Wednesday, October 16th, 2013


Chris MacDonald, Ph.D.
Director, Ted Rogers Leadership Centre

Toronto Mayor John Tory...

was our keynote speaker for this TRLC event on March 16, 2016:
Working Together in the Public Interest: Public-Private Partnerships and City-Building

Global reach!

Our 2015 webcast continues to be a world-wide hit! Over 53,000 people world-wide have viewed “Complementary & Alternative Medicine: A Business Ethics Perspective” in its first 2 weeks online!


TRLC news:

Professor Chris MacDonald, Director of TRLC, has been elected as a faculty representative on Ryerson University's Board of Governors.

TRLC Post Doctoral Fellow Hasko von Kriegstein has been appointed Assistant Director of TRLC's Jim Pattison Ethical Ledership Program. Starting this summer, Hasko will now be an Assistant Professor in the Ted Rogers School of Management.

Global reach!

Our recent webcast is a world-wide hit! Over 42,000 people world-wide have viewed“Complementary & Alternative Medicine: A Business Ethics Perspective” in its first 2 weeks online!