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Jim Pattison Ethical Leadership Education and Research Program

"Leadership has an ethical core, and ethics means not just making good decisions, but leading others in making good decisions."

The Ethical Leadership Education and Research Program aims to better prepare Ryerson students for the Canadian marketplace by providing them with an enhanced understanding of the values, attitudes and practices of ethical behaviour and leadership and how to best apply these values to everyday business decision making and organizational practices.

Each year, the Program will offer ethical leadership workshops for undergraduate and graduate students and ethical leadership executive seminars for business managers and will support leadership research that will identify ethical leadership best practices.

The Program is led by Professor Chris MacDonald, an internationally recognized leader in the field of Business Ethics.

Core funding for the Jim Pattison Ethical Leadership Education and Research Program was provided through a generous gift from Jim Pattison, founder and CEO of The Jim Pattison Group.

To learn more about the Program, contact Prof. MacDonald at:

  • 416-979-5000x6903
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