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"On Tuesday April 8th, I got the call I was waiting for, they offered me the position and I will be starting on April 21st. I look forward to this awesome opportunity with great excitement and I wanted to thank you for all your help. Without your help, it would not have been possible for me to get such a great opportunity. Thank you so much, and if you ever need alumni to come back and speak, I would behonoured to help out."

Hamza Wadiwala, Global Management Studies Graduate

"I went because I wanted to start my career without co-op. With the CEP, I got a mentor that not only looked out for my best interests but actually cared if I got a career that mattered to me. With their help, I have become a sought after graphic/web designer."

Kyle Chan-Morneau Sheppel

"The experience provided by the career center was outstanding and incredibly helpful. Not only were different job opportunities directly emailed to me, I also received one-on-one personalized help on my resumes and preparation for interviews. The staff was extremely fun to work with & because of the career center I was able to land my first step into my career journey. I had a great experience with the career center and I'll definitely recommend it to all TRS students!"

Jason Luu, Merchandising Stream Graduate

"The Careers and Employer Partnerships office at TRSM has played a critical role in my journey as an aspiring business professional. From resume counselling, to interview preparation, and ongoing mentorship and support, the CEP office and Career Consultants cater to each individual in a fashion which ensures excellence."

Jasmitaa Chhabra, Bachelor of Commerce - Marketing Management & Former President, Ryerson Marketing Association

"I'm very excited and thankful to have had this opportunity and attribute my success to the constant support of the Career Centre and the School of Retail Management. All of the workshops and informative sessions provided me with the knowledge, resources and confidence when applying for positions and going through the interview process."

Samantha Almeida-Assistant Marketing Director at Ivanhoe Cambridge