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"I am writing this email to tell you about a remarkable experience I had after attending a Learning from Leaders event, through the Top 200 Program, in November 2016. I was very fortunate to have met an exceptional guest panel speaker at the event, who has made a very memorable and unique impact on my professional life… I added him on LinkedIn that night, and the following day, I received a very warm message from him, essentially telling me to reach out to him if I needed any help within the field. I was genuinely surprised and grateful to see someone as busy as [him] reaching out to a university student and offering his time… [He] has been very involved in helping me get [an] incredible opportunity for the summer, and I truly appreciate everything he has done, especially considering how busy he is. It is not every day you meet someone who sincerely cares about helping university students get a working experience that they will cherish and grow from. I have never had such a memorable and pleasant experience when trying to find a student position, and believe [his] efforts should not go unnoticed. Therefore, I felt that I needed to inform you about this experience of mine, and I believe it would have never happened without the Top 200 Program. Through the Program, I was able to attend this event with the status of being one of the top 200 students in TRSM, and I believe that has opened many doors for me, including this one. I want to thank you, André, for giving me the opportunity to be a part of such a rewarding program, and allowing me to meet such unique and caring individuals like [him] and yourself."


“Thank you for hosting the Top 200 Leadership Summit this past weekend. It was honestly a very enlightening and refreshing two days. I remember at the beginning of the session, we were asked what was a memorable occasion within the past year – looking back, this will definitely be one of the highlights.”


“I attended the Leadership Summit this past weekend and just wanted to say thank you for the incredible experience that was offered. I personally had a great time and found it very beneficial to learn more about leadership, about myself and to participate in all the different activities that took place during the summit.”


I'm proud to be a member of the Top 200 Program and I'm very excited for what the upcoming two years of this program hold.”


“I just wanted to reach out and thank you personally for hosting the Leadership Summit for the Top 200 Program. It's an experience I will definitely take with me for years to come. I know how much hard work and dedication you put in for us students, and it is much appreciated.”


“Coming in to TRSM at Ryerson with a Diploma in Marketing I knew Ryerson excelled at helping its students gain applicable knowledge - I just didn't realize how much. When I found out about Top 200, it checked every box I could hope for from a program and I thought it was too good to be true. Nevertheless I sent my application, figuring I wouldn't hear back. The day I received an email from Andre Serero telling me I had been accepted was honestly one of the best days of my academic career. Since joining I have had the privilege of attending the Leadership Summit which wasn't like anything I'd ever attended before - I was able to learn what it was like to be a true professional among a group of like-minded peers with as much passion as I have. Being in the Top 200 has led me to meet industry professionals, build my network and has got my foot in the door for interviews with top organizations. I strongly encourage anyone considering Top 200 as an option to go ahead and apply now. The people you meet and opportunities you gain are unlike anything else I've seen and has completely shaped my outlook on being a professional.”


“I owe a lot of where I am today to the Top 200 Program and my mentor.”


“With multiple networking opportunities in this program, I have improved my communication skills, professionalism, and confidence.”


“The Top 200 Program provided me with excellent opportunities to grow, build meaningful relationships and to discover more about myself.”


“The Top 200 Program requires students to complete a number of career workshops. This requirement opened my eyes to the resources available at Ted Rogers School of Management, and for that I am grateful.”


“The overall planning and execution of the [Top 200 Program] is brilliant and makes it such a success.  I am really looking forward to more great events next year!”


“I wanted to express my gratitude for all your work on the Top 200 Program.”


“I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for my first year in the Top 200 Program.  It has definitely been the most rewarding experience I have had at Ryerson so far and I have got so much out of it.”


“The Lumina Leader and Lumina Spark personality assessments in which Top 200 students get to participate are so detailed and accurate and different from anything I've ever done.  The Lumina Leader assessment revealed a weakness of mine that I would have never came up with on my own, and, now that I am aware of this weakness, I can change myself and be a better leader.”


“Overall, I have really enjoyed my two years in this program and truly thank Andre for bringing this program to my attention and being an incredible mentor to me throughout my time at Ryerson.”


“When I first applied to the Top 200 program, I didn't know what to expect. I also did not have a concrete career plan in place that I was striving towards.  The Top 200 leadership summit, ethical sessions, and personality testing that were implemented allowed me to understand myself better than I would have on my own. By being able to identify my personality traits, I was able to get a better sense of the careers that would best suit my interests.”


“My mentor…was fantastic, and was the highlight of the program for me.  All signs point toward me continuing the mentor relationship with her, which is fantastic news for me.”


“[T]he mentorship program was the icing on the cake, as it allowed me to be mentored by an individual who was able to answer all my questions whether it be about industry, school or future career goals.”


“I would recommend that all future Top 200 members approach every program, whether it be the sessions, the leadership summit, and most importantly the mentorship program, with an open mind and a willingness to learn.”


“It has been a pleasure and a great opportunity to be a part of the Top 200 Class of 2015.”


“Reflecting back on my past few years at Ryerson, being part of the Top 200 program was definitely one of the highlights. Thank you again for extending this amazing opportunity to me and many other students at TRSM.”


“I have undoubtedly grown as a result of the Top 200 program. I have been given the opportunity to network with numerous industry professionals. These interactions have allowed me to master more of a rapport when speaking to professionals one-on-one. I feel more self-aware of my skills due to the results from both Lumina Spark and Lumina Leader. I want to thank all those at Ryerson University who have made the Top 200 program a reality at our school. I feel privileged to have been accepted into the program and will take what I have learned with me in the future.” 


“The Top 200 program continues to be a prestigious circle of students that has the goal of producing the top future business leaders. My experience in the program has been nothing short of spectacular. Being in the program, you are able to learn from current and future CEOs, CFOs, Partners and other prominent figures from across various industries. I have had the pleasure of being both an organizer and participant and I can confidently say it has changed my perspective on the definition of leadership, mentorship and ethics.” 


"The Top 200 Program has been the most valuable thing I have been apart of while at Ryerson. I have had the great pleasure of meeting students who are as ambitious me and mentors who really care about our success. It has made my decision to choose the university truly worthwhile.”


"I won the M-X options simulator. I wanted to tell you sooner but I was legitimately shocked and in disbelief”


"I received an offer from Ernst & Young and will be starting as a Staff Consultant in their technology consulting practice in May! I'm very excited to join the team and I would love to share my recruitment experience with you next semester. In total, I went through 13 interviews with 6 different firms!”


"I wanted to thank you again for all of yours and the Top 200 team's support. I again can't say the difference it makes for a student like myself and I'm incredibly excited to be starting in this position...." 


“At one networking event in my third year, I met [my mentor]…We kept in touch throughout my third year and he became my mentor in my fourth year. I have since been offered a full-time position at Investors Group and…the opportunity came from the Top 200 program.”