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Document Submission

Once you have received an email acknowledgement of your application from Ryerson, you should begin the process of submitting your transcripts and supporting documents.

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Academic Transcripts - OUAC 101 Current Ontario Secondary School Students

If you applied to Ryerson on an Ontario Universities’ Application Centre (OUAC) 101 Application Form your grades will be submitted by your guidance office to the OUAC.

If you have attended or are currently attending post-secondary studies for any length of time (including one course) you must arrange for the submission of your post-secondary transcript(s) to Ryerson, regardless of the application form you have used. These transcripts must be uploaded, sent via the OUAC, submitted by mail/courier or in-person. If you omitted a post-secondary institution from your application, you MUST amend your application and include the missing information. The school(s) will be indicated on the Document Upload Page and in your Choose>Ryerson Applicant Portal account within 5-7 business days of you updating your application. Failure to indicate all institutions that you have attended (since secondary school) on your application can result in the cancellation of your application.

Academic Transcripts - OUAC 105D, 105F and Ryerson Students

If you applied to Ryerson on an Ontario Universities’ Application Centre (OUAC) 105D, 105F or Ryerson Application you are personally responsible for the submission of both secondary and all post-secondary school academic transcripts, regardless of the date of completion and the country of origin.  You should make all the necessary arrangements for submission of required transcripts at the time of application to ensure documents are received by applicable deadlines. Academic studies required for admission must be completed or in progress at the time of application. Transcripts must show the individual marks or grades achieved in each course or subject taken, as well as the diploma/degree awarded (if applicable).

If your documents are in a language other than English, you must provide the documents in the original language, as well as certified/notarized literal English translations.

Ryerson will request official transcripts if/when required in an Offer of Admission. Transcripts are considered official when sent directly by the issuing school and/or agency in a sealed envelope. They generally bear an original seal/stamp and/or official signature from an appropriate signatory. The official documents must be received by Undergraduate Admissions by the deadline date(s) indicated in an official Offer of Admission.

Ontario universities (including Ryerson) may require undergraduate applicants to have official international academic transcripts submitted directly to World Education Services (WES) Canada for verification as part of the admission process.  Universities (including Ryerson) will directly notify applicants submitting international academic transcripts regarding specific submission requirements through WES Canada.

This is the entire transcript/report issued by your secondary school/Ministry of Education. This should be on school/Ministry letterhead with a school stamp and contact information of a school official, such as the Guidance Counsellor, Principal or Director. Grade reports/interim results may be submitted via the Document Upload Page if this is all that is available at the time of the upload. Grades obtained from a self-serve high school web system (where available) may also be uploaded.

If you have attended multiple secondary schools, you are not required to submit/upload transcripts from each school as long as all of your results (interim/final) are indicated on one transcript.

Programs that Do Not Require Secondary School Transcripts

Applicants to the following programs are considered for admission on the basis of specific completed post-secondary studies. If you have applied to one or more of the following programs you are not required to submit secondary school transcripts:

This is a document obtained from your academic institution. It will be a complete academic record with the institution’s name, your name, names and numbers of courses, credits, grading scheme, the grades you have received, as well as the graduation credential (if awarded). This document may be:

  1. A copy or student copy of an official transcript issued by the university or college, or
  2. A transcript obtained from a self-serve university/college web system.

Previously admitted and enrolled Ryerson undergraduate degree students may choose to indicate on the Document Upload Page that Ryerson has transcripts on file. New/updated transcripts and supporting documents must be submitted and must reflect any/all changes since the previous submission. A new Supplementary Form must be submitted to support your current application(s). Review your Choose>Ryerson Applicant Portal account to ensure that Undergraduate Admissions has received all required transcripts and supporting documents. If we find that any/all required documents are not on file, your application may be deemed incomplete.

All other applicants must resubmit documents in support of their current application.

Undergraduate Admissions will obtain grades for courses completed at Ryerson from Enrolment Services and Student Records.

Supplementary Form

Applicants who apply using the OUAC 105D, OUAC 105F or Ryerson application forms are required to complete and upload a Supplementary Form

The Supplementary Form is now available through the Document Upload page.

Applicants who apply on an OUAC 101 application are NOT required to submit the Supplementary Form.

Supporting Documents

Applicants with circumstances that warrant special consideration may notify Undergraduate Admissions in writing, describing the situation and the nature of the exception requested. Ryerson is committed to reviewing each situation on a case by case basis, subject to overall competition and in keeping with the principles of fairness and equity for all applicants.

If you are submitting highly personal or confidential information, you must submit it separately, in person or via mail/courier, to the attention of the Director, Undergraduate Admissions. Do not use the Document Upload Page to submit this material.

If you are already in Canada on a study permit this must be indicated on your application and you must submit a copy of your visa authorization form or immigration papers confirming your status to Undergraduate Admissions. If you have indicated on your application that you intend to obtain a study permit [and a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV)] this may be acquired from a Canadian embassy or consulate in your home country or region as soon as you receive an Offer of Admission. Visit for details. We encourage you to begin preparations at the time of application, where possible.

Non-Academic Requirements

Some Ryerson programs require a non-academic component that may be uploaded in order to complete an application for admission. Applications will not be considered complete if these items are not received by noted deadlines. Visit the Grades-Plus Programs page for a complete list of grades-plus programs, non-academic requirements, submission dates and procedures. The following programs allow applicants to upload their non-academic requirements (in addition to other documentation, such as academic transcripts as noted above):

RTA School of Media – Media Production  

RTA School of Media – New Media

RTA School of Media – Sport Media

It is highly recommend that applicants to the above programs upload their non-academic requirements.

Proof of English Language Proficiency

Applicants from a country where English is not the first language, or where English is an official language but not the first language, including applicants who have resided in Canada for four calendar years or less (i.e. official date of entry to Canada was on or after January 1, 2013 for Fall 2017), are required to present proof of English Language Proficiency at a satisfactory level.

You are strongly encouraged to complete your English language proficiency test and arrange for official test results to be submitted by April 1st or earlier. Further information about English language requirements, policies and procedures are available on the English Language Requirements page. 

If you previously applied to a Ryerson Undergraduate degree program and did not enrol, you must resubmit all required documents. All supporting documents and transcripts should include your name and Ryerson Number (your Ryerson Number is available in your Choose>Ryerson Applicant Portal). All applicants must access their Choose>Ryerson Applicant Portal account by visiting Your portal account will indicate the documents that have been received by Undergraduate Admissions. It will also allow you to view letters/documents issued to you by Ryerson, as well as track your application status. We encourage you to view your Choose>Ryerson Applicant Portal frequently.

Have you been educated outside of Canada? Review your transcript submission instructions.

Applicants to Ryerson are required to upload their documents, where applicable, via our Document Upload page. Current Ontario secondary school students (applicants who submit an OUAC 101 Application Form) are not required to upload academic transcripts. If you are unable to upload your documents, please submit them as indicated below:

  • Arrange submission via the Ontario Universities’ Application Centre (OUAC), if eligible (visit the OUAC website for details and eligibility).
  • Mail/courier (Undergraduate Admissions and Recruitment, 350 Victoria Street, Toronto, ON Canada M5B 2K3)


Please note: All transcripts received via the Document Upload Page are considered unofficial. If you are offered admission, you will need to provide official transcripts (sent to us by mail in a sealed envelope directly from the issuing institution). Your offer of admission will be contingent upon the receipt and verification of your official documents.

Ryerson University reserves the right to require official documents at any time during the application/admission process, and to rescind any Offer of Admission if discrepancies are found between unofficial and official documents.

Ryerson will not send reminders requesting required documents. All documents submitted to Ryerson become the property of Ryerson and will not be returned. All documents are routinely verified. All statements on your application must be correct and complete. Should you withhold information or provide misleading, inaccurate or incomplete information, this will result in the cancellation of your application, withdrawal of an Offer of Admission and/or cancellation of your registration. Evidence of falsified documents will result in applicants being denied admission to the University. Information on falsified documents is shared with the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada (AUCC).

If your transcripts and/or other supporting documents show a name other than the one under which you applied, you must submit proof of name change, i.e. a marriage certificate, notarized statement, or other applicable legal document(s).

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