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Program Status - Spring 2017

Updated: September 29, 2016


Program Name
Accepting Applications (Yes/No)
Entry Level Advanced Standing Readmit/Reinstate Special Student
Business Technology Management - Part Time No No Yes No
Disability Studies - Post Diploma Degree Completion Part Time Yes N/A
Yes No
Health Information Management - Degree Completion Part Time Yes N/A Yes N/A
Health Services Management - Degree Completion Part Time Yes N/A Yes N/A
Public Administration and Governance - Part Time Yes N/A Yes No
Nutrition and Food - Special Students Only No
N/A No No
Engineering - Special Students Only
Aerospace Engineering
Biomedical Engineering
Chemical Engineering Co-op
Civil Engineering
Computer Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Industrial Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
No No Yes
Nursing Post Diploma - Part Time Yes No
Yes No
Entry Level
Entry into the 1st semester/year of a full-time, part-time or Direct Entry degree program.
Advanced Standing
Entry into a level above 1st semester/year of a full-time or part-time program.

Students who left their program at Ryerson under one of the following conditions must apply for readmission:

  • Officially withdrew; or
  • Did not enrol for one complete year but left in good Academic Standing



Ryerson students seeking reinstatement into the same program within 24 months of their Required to Withdraw (RTW) date must contact their program School or Department directly.

Ryerson students seeking reinstatement into the same program after 24 months has elapsed from their RTW date must apply through Undergraduate Admissions and Recruitment using a Ryerson online application form. Please visit the Ryerson Calendar for more information.

Special Student

Students are designated Special Students if they are enrolled in one or more courses, but are not pursuing a degree. Special Student status is not required to enrol in courses offered through the G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education. Common reasons for Special Student status in day or evening courses include:

  • To attempt to qualify for admission to a degree program; or
  • To meet professional association course requirements.

Permission from the specific teaching department is required. See Admissions Overview for Special Students for details.