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Fees and Finances

  • Visit Fees for details about the cost of attending Ryerson (fees vary by program/faculty and whether you live in residence).
  • Visit Student Financial Assistance for guidance, information, tools and services to help you meet your financial needs during your time at Ryerson.
Tuition Fees 2015-2016 fees: $6,800-$10,200 (international fees: $22,000-$24,800)
Accomodations On campus: $9,900-$13,800 (includes meal plan)
Off campus: $10,200-$15,600 (or $850 to $1,300 per month) depending on shared or single accommodations
Transportation Metropass/public transit pass within the GTA: $112
Additional costs include GO pass – prices vary
Books and Supplies $1,100-$9,900 – depending on program of study
Food $2,000-$4,000 ($250 to $500 per month) – depending on dietary needs and accommodations
Personal Expenses $2,000-$3,200 (approximately $250 to $400 per month)

The cost of the Ryerson ESL Foundation Program is $26,750 CDN for all students (international and domestic). The cost includes two semesters of full-time study and up to three university-level degree credit courses. ESL instruction classes, ESL textbooks and course materials are included; textbooks and course materials for the degree-credit courses, accommodations and meal plans are not included. Please note: All tuition payments for the Ryerson ESL Foundation Program are non-refundable.

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