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Politics and Governance

Program Format(s):

  • Full-Time, Four-Year

Degree Earned: Bachelor of Arts

Ontario Secondary School Students:
2015 Grade Range for Admission/Wait List Consideration: 

Actual minimum grade ranges required for Fall 2016 admission/wait list consideration will be determined based on grades and qualifications presented by the applicant pool as they become available. Required grade ranges may fluctuate from year to year (up or down) as a result of competition. Applicants not educated in Ontario may present the equivalent of the Ontario requirements. Ryerson reserves the right to determine equivalency at its sole discretion.

Domestic Fees Range: $7,191 - $7,415
International Fees Range: $23,664 - $23,714

About the Program: Our way of life is shaped by the rules of government—but how do we decide on the best way to manage ourselves and our society? What is the value of good governance, and how does that relate to social justice, democracy, citizenship and human rights? These are the fundamental questions of politics—the study of how people, cities and countries organize themselves, and the roles that public, private and non-profit groups play in this process. In our increasingly complex and rapidly changing urban world, Ryerson graduates have the knowledge and leadership skills to help address our social, economic, environmental and governmental challenges.

This program selects students on the basis of academic achievement/grades only. Additional non-academic requirements are not required for admission consideration.

Thinking of applying? Make sure the program is still accepting applications.

Hayden King - Politics and Public Administration

"The Faculty of Arts at Ryerson has always put a focus on social justice. In the classroom, that means having discussions about indigenous peoples, gender, class and race among other critical issues. Students are learning to think and act in the world with responsibility and an ethic of respect."

Hayden King
Assistant Professor,
Politics and Public Administration
Director, Centre of Indigenous Governance

Academic Requirements

Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent with a minimum of six Grade 12 U or M courses including the following program specific requirements. Typically, a minimum overall average of 70% establishes eligibility for admission consideration; subject to competition individual programs may require higher pre-requisite grades and/or higher overall averages:

  • A minimum grade of 70 % or higher will be required in Grade 12 U English/Anglais (ENG4U/EAE4U preferred).

Academic admission requirements for all other applicants are available at:
Admission Requirements Overview.

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