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Ryerson Urban Water

Claire Oswald was the recipient of an Environment Canada Lake Simcoe-Southeastern Georgian Bay Clean-Up Fund grant for The fate and transport of chloride in urbanizing catchments of the Lake Simcoe/South-eastern Georgian Bay watersheds.

Description: In seasonally frozen environments, de-icers (chloride salts) are widely used to maintain safe driving conditions on roads and other impervious surfaces. While the beneficial role of road salts for public safety is unequivocal, the environmental consequences of their use pose risks to stream and lake ecosystems. The goal of this two year project is to improve our understanding of the dynamics and ecological effects of chloride across a gradient of urbanizing catchments in the Lake Simcoe and Southeastern Georgian Bay watersheds. The results of this study will help to inform adaptive winter maintenance management strategies and identify salt vulnerable areas to be protected.

As well, Claire Oswald earned a Ryerson Recode grant for social innovation to support A 3D elevation model of Toronto watersheds to promote citizen science in urban hydrology and water resources.

Description: Initiatives to engage the public on issues related to hydrology and water resources are growing worldwide. To facilitate engagement of high school students and the general public in urban watershed issues, we are developing a tangible 3D elevation model of the Don River watershed, located in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area, and an associated learning module. The model and learning module will bring the concept of a watershed to life and help students develop a personal connection and feeling of responsibility for watershed protection.