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Ryerson Urban Water

Professor James Li (of the Department of Civil Engineering and Ryerson Urban Water) has combined forces with Cole Engineering Ltd and colleagues from Queen’s University to solve Ontario Power Generation challenges. OPG is proposing an expansion at the Ranney Falls Generation Station (located near Trent River of Cambellford, Ontario) to double its hydroelectric capacity as part of the OPG Renewable Energy Initiative.

The study focuses on hydraulic issues associated with the entrances/exits of the powerhouse and tailrace channel, and structural vibrations to the turbine and housing structure caused by tailrace channel gate operation. James Li and Shelley Kuan from Cole Engineering have teamed up and Prof. Ana Maria da Silva from Queen’s University who enabled the use of Queen’s University’s hydraulic research facility and associated technical support. A physical model (1:25 scale) has been constructed and is being tested to various operational modes (water levels, velocities, and structural vibrations) of the powerhouse and tailrace tunnel. This research involves one of the largest physical model studies of hydroelectric power generation in Ontario and demonstrates the excellent collaboration among universities, consulting engineering companies, and OPG.

James Li

James Li from Civil Engineering organized and led a successful Right-of-Way LID Workshop at Ryerson in July 2015. The workshop underscored the need to recognize and mitigate stormwater flows in all four seasons including winter and spring time. The workshop presented research undertaken in the former City of Etobicoke, a planning and design manual, construction and maintenance issues, and the perspectives of MOECC, TRCA, Toronto Water, and private industry.

As well, James Li was the recent recipient of an EC Lake Simcoe-Southeastern Georgian Bay Clean-Up Fund award for Development of all season stormwater LID practices for Lake Simcoe watershed. This award will fund research on LID practices to reduce stormwater and phosphorus loading to Lake Simcoe in all four seasons. This work will support the development and preparation of four season LID master plans for the uncontrolled stormwater areas in the Lake Simcoe watershed (e.g. Barrie, Newmarket, East Gwillimbury, and Aurora).