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Kathryn Woodcock

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Personal information

I tend to steer away from a primary focus on deaf-related research as there are too many annoying questions about objectivity, as though those with no direct personal experience have a more authoritative understanding of the circumstances of my life and what is useful or offensive to me. Nevertheless, there are a few links here and in the Research section that might be of use for those who want more information about my deaf side.

Deafened People: Adjustment and support
Book cover

Deafened People: Adjustment and Support

Kathryn Woodcock and Miguel Aguayo

University of Toronto Press

© 2000


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Baby signs

A personal experience essay.

This piece was written in 1995-1997, when my daughter was small. "Baby signs" have become more popular with hearing parents with hearing children nowadays and I thought I would post this again. My observation of our experience is that we used her signs until she picked up ours. We did not badger her with repetitive signs in a gestural version of "you can say Ma-ma can't you?" Instead, we used the advantage of deafness to be attuned to her signs. As you will see, she started producing purposeful gestures before she had control of her hands! Those gestures would quite surely have been extinguished if we did not reward them with a response.

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