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Optional Specialization in Zone Learning  Transmedia Zone

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The Optional Specialization in Zone Learning at the Transmedia Zone develops student skills in ideation, collaboration, and prototyping for the digital content sector. Transmedia Zone team members and individuals can engage in experiential learning projects that focus on the future of storytelling.The emphasis is on creative innovation and design thinking for media-makers, with best practices developed through iterative design, rapid prototyping and collaborative co-working. Student-led projects in the Transmedia Zone can lead to further innovations in artistic, business, design and multi-disciplinary fields. Students may apply as individuals or as teams (depending on the proposal).

After being successfully admitted to the Transmedia Zone as per its established criteria, students have the option to be in the Optional Specialization through the following tracks:

  • Students may choose to propose their own Zone-framed activity and seek guidance from fellows and faculty members at Ryerson;
  • Students can also work on a project developed in collaboration with a chosen mentor (an affiliated fellow or faculty-member), who will provide mentorship; or
  • Students may choose to work in ongoing or sponsored projects in the Zone by requesting and gaining the consent of the Zone management-team, project participants, or principal investigators.


Applying to the Transmedia Zone

Students will be registered in the CEDZ100 course each semester that they are working in the DFZ. Students can expect the following outcomes of this experiential learning:

  1. Hands-on knowledge of contemporary best practices for ideation and design thinking in the creative digital media sector
  2. Guided ideation, iterative design, prototyping, and evaluation cycles, within a highly collaborative co-working environment
  3. Organize workflow and process flow for teams of collaborators
  4. Communicate and capitalize on the results of a design project towards the production of future initiatives in the creative, artistic, or commercial sector


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