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Entrepreneurship in Ontario. GEM Ontario 2015 report

Mapping Global Receptions of The Hobbit Film Trilogy, 2012-2015 

In Your Face! Getting into Virtual Reality


Charles H. Davis, Ph.D.
Professor, RTA School of Media
Faculty of Communication & Design
Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada

Welcome to my website. I am a professor in Ryerson Unversity's RTA School of Media (Faculty of Communication & Design) and I hold the ES Rogers Sr Research Chair in Media Management and Entrepreneurship.

My teaching and research interests have to do with the IT, media, and content industries, in three main lines:

Audiences, reception, user experiences, and mediated consumption. I am broadly interested in market dynamics of experience goods. My immediate interests have to do with ways of segmenting audiences according to mode of reception, and in measuring user/audience experiences of media consumption. I am participating in a longitudinal survey of global audiences of the Hobbit films as part of the Transnational Comparative Study of Audience Engagements with The Hobbit. I am also involved in research on audiences experiences for virtual reality products, and news repertoires.

Innovation management and policy in creative/IT industries. Special interest now in media policy for open environments. Current projects include: policy implications of OTT video streaming entry into the domestic market; a survey of innovation in Ontario media industries; media product development (case of virtual reality); technical marketing: the case of growth hacking.

Labour, freelancers, and small firms in creative industries. Projects include investigation of labour market outcomes in creative fields, social stratification in above-the-line media occupations in Canada, and small entrepreneurial firms in creative industries.

I am also participating in the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor project in Canada and in Ontario. See the recently released GEM Ontario report on entrepreneurship in Ontario.

Research publications are available here.

My recent graduate and undergraduate teaching includes courses on audiences, media management, new product development, political economy of media industries, media innovation, and media entrepreneurship.

I teach in Ryerson's MA in Media Production program, in the Ryerson/York MA/PhD program in Communication and Culture, and in Ryerson's MBA/MSc in Management of Technology and Innovation program.

I also serve as Associate Dean for Scholarly Research and Creative Activities (SRC) in the Faculty of Communication & Design. SRC involves value creation by producing, publishing, curating, exhibiting, or performing original work.

As Associate Dean, SRC I encourage, promote, and support the SRC work of colleagues and students in our schools of Creative Industries, Fashion, Graphics Communications Management, Image Arts, Interior Design, Journalism, Media (formerly Radio and Television Arts), Professional Communication, and Performance.

You can find me in the Rogers Communications Centre.